Turn Your Frustrating Six Figure App Business Into An Electrifying Seven Figure Empire In Less Than 12 Months

I’ll show you how to do more in less time, and turn your modest app portfolio into a full-blown, surging, profit-generating 7 figure business…in as little as 12 months.


Left to right: Intercontinental Hong Kong // Vince Wong – Founder, Suitcase System // Gui Schvartsman – Founder, Revmob // Eric Davich – Founder, Songza (Now Google Play Music)

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless?

It’s all about a regular guy who was getting nowhere in life, plagued by procrastination and monotony. He was in dire straits…until he swallowed a clear pill.

In a matter of minutes, he went from being confused, unproductive and depressed to being confident, focused and infinitely creative.

You watch him flip this switch over and over. Regular guy one minute, Superman the next.

The rest of the movie goes on and tells a deeper story about abusing this power…but I couldn’t shake the core idea:

Is there a way to become “Superman” in business?

In the literal sense, of course not. We can’t become super human overnight…

…but we can dramatically improve our efforts with clarity and focus.

If you’re like me, you listen to a lot of podcast episodes about people at the top of their game – business, personal growth, physical fitness and everything in between.

You hear their stories and, while they’re obviously impressive, you still think to yourself “This isn’t out of reach – these guys are killing it…but they were exactly where I was at one point.”

That’s why you keep coming back…because you know you have that potential.

I’m here to tell you (from personal experience) that you’re right. You DO have the potential to surge to the the next level…to have perfect clarity each and every day…to shift from six figure thoughts to seven figure actions.

Here’s the key:

You don’t need inspiration – you need guidance. You need a framework. You don’t need to hear more interviews…you need ONE of those people to sit down with you, deconstruct your business and build a customized blueprint for you.

How many people do you know that read dozens, maybe even hundreds of books…yet they’re not getting the results that the books promise?

Or people who constantly try to learn from “experts” but never seem to mirror the growth that they see experts achieving?

We all know people like this this. Our world is fundamentally designed to give you access to tantalizing information that you can consume…from a distance.

But that distance is what’s holding you back the most.

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The Real Path To Entrepreneurial Success

Over the last 6 years I’ve had my share of ups and downs.

And while it’s popular to talk about the failures and to glorify what I’ve learned from them…I think it’s a lot more productive to show the results that came AFTER those failures.

When you talk to any self-made entrepreneur early in their career, they usually think that their success looked something like this:


When in reality, it happens like this:


Not understanding these two charts is why so many people get “stuck” in the low six figure club.

They keep thinking about their next moves like a stock price – growing 5% every month or every quarter – when in reality the real success happens in powerful bursts.

Now, it’s important to realize that these bursts of success and level of effort are VERY different. In fact, they’re opposites – consistent effort will get you explosive results whereas on-and-off effort will get you boring, linear results.

When you accept the fact that you, like every other successful entrepreneur, are hard wired for this trap, you finally allow yourself to break the shackles.

You’ll stop staring at your screen every morning wondering what the hell you’re supposed to do each day.

You’ll stop getting sucked into details that you KNOW are killing your productivity…but you keep doing them because you’re terrified of stopping.

Once you fully commit to this mindset of consistent, focused effort you will be set free…

…as long as you’re working on the right projects.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Perfect practice makes perfect?” It’s pretty annoying when your high school coach tells you that over and over but the fact remains that it holds a deep truth:

We are not programmed to do it “right” every time.

We have emotions, we get emails that change our plans, we hesitate and second guess our decisions even when we know we’ve done everything right.

It’s not just annoying, it’s debilitating.

You May Be Your Own Worst Enemy


Here’s a something that happened to me that made me realize how easily we get lost in our own worlds:

A few years ago I joined my first high level Mastermind program. This was the first time I had made a large investment in myself and I was a bit apprehensive.

Frankly, I had convinced myself that I was the smartest guy in the room. I had just sold my first app portfolios for $200,000 and was still printing cash. My weeks were spent consulting for top grossing games and finding new investment opportunities, all while I ran an app conglomerate that I had built myself and a series of websites that were bringing in enormous amounts of traffic.

I walked into a large conference room and started meeting a few of the 75 other people there. Some interesting people, but I was a little underwhelmed.

There was one guy Mike who, just like everyone else, introduced himself and told me about his digital products business blah blah blah. I wasn’t listening. What does this guy know?

In true nouveaux rich fashion, I casually mentioned that I was making about $32,000/month with my apps. It was, by far, the most obnoxious humble brag I’ve ever done in my life but I needed to somehow establish myself in this room (note: not a good idea).

Mike said to me “Oh wow, nice job! I remember when I hit the $30k/mo mark. Such a cool milestone.”

My interest was peaked.

“Umm…so where are you at now?”

“Last month I made $485,000.” he said in a way that was completely ice cold. No fear.

Time stopped. I was not in Kansas anymore.

After I picked up my jaw and my dignity, we went on to have a great conversation and he shared more information than I ever imagined.

It was the same stuff you probably heard on whatever podcast you listened to this week and the same stuff you read in whatever business book you’re into now.

But this was…different. It was real. I didn’t just listen, I could feel myself absorbing it.

My brain was re-calibrating in real time, thinking like someone making $5M a year. When he told me what to do, it wasn’t “new” but I actually did it this time.

I’ve never looked back.

Experiences like this continued to happen over and over – meet high level people, glean some fleeting knowledge and inspiration during a lunch break, then go back to my regular schedule.

It was through this that I realized how powerful it would be if just one of these people would agree to get on the phone each month and help me.

I was “practicing” in my business…but it wasn’t “perfect practice.” My efforts were good, but they weren’t great. As much as anyone wants to win, you will succumb to your brain’s default settings.

You need someone guiding you to maintain “perfect practice” over the long term.

The Difference Between Six Figure Entrepreneurs and Seven Figure Entrepreneurs


What’s different about this level of entrepreneur is that it’s no longer primarily about questions and answers – it’s about knowing that you’re making the right moves.

If you’re making six figures already, you’re smart. If you wanted to continue at that level, just keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you want to jump to seven figures, you NEED someone to keep you on track. You need to get on the phone with someone who’s not just your friend, but someone who will re-affirm your plan of action, course correcting as necessary.

This is the best advice I could ever give someone who wants to reach the next level – get around other successful people often…but also get ONE successful person to invest in YOU.

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This Consulting Program

In any business that involves teaching, inevitably there will be people that master all the material and have big success.

When they’re at that point, they ask “What’s next?” They’re seeing success but are also not sure what the next move should be. There’s no ebook for that, no video training.

If you’re wondering what to do next, this is for you.

I’ve been waiting for Bluecloud to evolve to a point where we have people in a position to ask that powerful question of “What’s next” – I love working with people in small groups or one-on-one and we’re finally at that point.

That being said, 95% of the people in our community and many of the people reading this are still knee deep in the app business (which is great) and don’t need a personal consultant.

But for you, the 5% who wants that clarity of success, that frictionless acceleration to the top, this is a rare opportunity.

I Deliver Results For Myself And My Clients


It’s important that you know I’m not just some guy who’s “gone through it” and therefore can help you. I get results…for myself and for the people I work with.

Shamelessly, here are some of the things I’ve done so far:

  • Made over 1,500 mobile apps
  • Amassed over 19 million app downloads
  • Generated 3.5+ million organic blog readers and Seven figures+ in revenue
  • Sold 5 app portfolios
  • Early investor/advisor in multiple app companies, some of which are surpassing 10 figures
  • Consultant for top grossing app businesses and digital marketing companies
  • Featured on Huffington Post, Inc, Mashable, Entrepreneur, CreativeLive and other well-known publications
  • Bought and flipped online properties for hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits
  • Published multiple real money gambling apps and profitable traffic campaigns
  • Etc etc

It’s also important that I’ve done all this while traveling the world, getting in the best health of my life and cultivating the best relationships I could ask for.


One thing I’ve learned is that it’s not just getting the results – it’s doing it in a way that you are proud of, that moves your life forward in all aspects.

This has all led me to be in a position to not only help high level people, but to do it with total confidence.

I can and will help you get the results you want. 

I strongly urge you to register for my free 10X Strategy Workshop: The 5 Part Process That Takes App Entrepreneurs From The “No Man’s Land” of 4-5 Figures to the “Freedom Zone” of 6-7 Figures

Rock and Roll,