Collaborative Consumption – Free exchange to a better world

I saw this video last night while perusing the TED website for good talks about interesting ideas. It discusses points that I find very compelling, not only for the internet and where it is going, but also the way we exchange ideas and communicate. The crux of Botsman’s presentation was that by having a free exchange of goods, it becomes a much longer tail, almost positive sum game. This starkly contrasts the current consumption model of ownership, inevitably leading to dormancy and unsustainable markets.
One of her best points, in my opinion, was about the idea that people starting to pay for access instead of objects. You don’t want the CD – you want what’s on it. This seemingly revolutionary idea is actually one that should be dictating good business. Instead of a client paying you for all the smoke and fluff of your brand name, or the “SEO package,” or whatever it may be, maybe they should be saying, “I’ll pay you for every lead you drive” or “I’ll pay you for sale you make off emails sent for us” or something like that.
Don’t clients and customers deserve this level of results-oriented business model? Isn’t that what fundamental capitalism is built on, as opposed to this credit hungry Ponzi scheme of charging for a service, instead of being rewarded for results?
I urge anyone interested in the future of movements like Zipcar, eBay, Netflix, and others to watch the video. You should never have to pay for something that can’t be proven to be worth what you are paying.

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