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Google Email Marketing To Promote Mobile Websites

I literally just received this email and I had to blog about it. Google has consistently taken personalization to new levels – first with their individual YouTube ads to celebrate their 10th anniversary, now this as the first push to get everyone into mobile. Check out the visual for my music blog TGIF Jams.
Email Marketing Best Practices by GoogleAs you can see, the hand is holding up exactly what my website looks like on a phone (Android in this case). This is incredible marketing for a few key reasons:

1. It’s highly personalized.

This is my exact website in a visual format. This isn’t my first name in the subject line or every other played out personalization tactic – it’s a real and tangible asset.

2. It exposes my faults.

Call it whatever you want, a powerful tactic in marketing is to effectively illustrate what you are missing or why you’re behind the 8 ball. This does that very well. Let’s get real…my website looks terrible there.

3. It’s the classic problem/solution format.

Think of infomercials and how they start everything off by explaining how terrible something is – mopping, chopping, hair cutting, etc. Then they bring in the whistles and drop everyone’s jaw with some amazing showmanship. This email is doing a similar message by showing me that my website looks terrible….but there is an easy way to fix it. No brainer, right?

4. Targeted offer

If telling me my site is mobile-ugly (mo-ugly) wasn’t enough to get me to stop playing Amazing Breaker, they’ve given me a way to get a free personalized site report. I’d be an idiot not to click on that. It ties together an extremely powerful visual with an easy solution. Google…I don’t care what Steve Jobs says – let’s party.

Email Marketing Is Making A Comeback

I’ve spent the last few months architecting a plan for blog marketing and I cannot stress enough how important email marketing is.The biggest reason is that email marketing is one of the only ways to create a positive ROI on customers on the long term. This means you can eat margins on affiliate sales, AdWords spends, and other CPA models and STILL make money. Mark my words, long tail marketing like this is going to be what separates the winners from the losers in the next 10 years of internet marketing.
Did anyone else get this email? What did you think?


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