Are You An Awesome Developer? Hit Me Up – I'll Make You Rich.

Yeah, you.
Here’s the deal: I’m getting a TON of emails every day from people asking me about where do they find a good iPhone developer. Everyone’s got questions. Everyone wants answers. I’m only one person and I’m trying to build my own empire…but really want to make sure I can hook people up with the right connections.
So – I’m just putting out a public request for the most slayer and top shelf developers to shoot me a note. Leave a comment, email me, whatever. Just get in touch with me so that I can start to give the readers of this blog some great resources. If you can, let me know what you specialize in and any apps you’ve built so far. If you’re part of a company, shoot over the website.
Skeptical? Check out this analytics snapshot for the past month:

That’s filtered for ONLY developer related traffic. If you are an awesome developer, hat could all being going to YOU. Boo ya!
Hope we can connect.
Catch ya soon!


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