Apple Rumors New iPad: Thinner iPad and Retina iPad Mini

Report Says That Apple Will Reveal Two New Tablets Late This Year

In this age of modern technology when people don’t have to remain stuck at home when they want to access the Internet, the industry of tablet technology has made its way to its target market: working professionals, young adults and kids.

Tablets have made it easier for professionals to work because tablets offer productivity applications, so people can still work on the go. Communication and transactions are done through e-mail and 3G and 4G connectivity work very well with tablets.

iPad used for productivity

Meanwhile, young adults can monitor their social networking accounts with their handy tablets, so they don’t have to carry their laptops everywhere they go. In fact, college students are using tablets to replace textbooks.

Kids can play their favorite Candy Crush Saga or other mobile app games.  Most game developers create new games for tablets and touch screen phones.  There are many games that are very popular with children.

People Love Their Tablets… Especially the iPad

Since Apple launched its first generation iPad, tablets have been becoming more and more popular.  Research proves that tablets are widely used among the population. In a study done by Google, it was found out that 43% of people use their tablets more than they use their desktops. Of this, 84% use their tablets for gaming, 78% use them for searching, 74% use them for e-mail, 56% for social networking, 51% use them for watching movies and listening to music, 46% enjoy reading with their tablets, 42% are into online shopping, and 19% do other miscellaneous tasks with their tablets. This data shows that many people are hooked on tablets and prefer them over desktops and laptops when doing everyday activities.

iPad popular for everyday activities

There are tons of different types of tablets in the market, all with different features and ranging from the cheap to the very expensive. Research shows that the affordability of tablets in the market is one of the reasons why manufacturing of laptops and desktops is decreasing. Despite heavy competition in the market, the iPad is still the most popular tablet.

Apple products have a reputation for being high quality and that’s part of the reason why more people use them. In fact, for now, the iPad is already in its 4th generation and is still doing very well in the market. It has even produced a smaller and thinner version of its iPad, called the iPad Mini, which performs just exactly the same as its bigger version, except that it is smaller and lighter.

iPad is the most popular tablet

In previous reports from Digitimes, it has been said that Apple is already on its way to making the fifth-generation of its iPad. According to the rumors, not much will be changed, except for its physical design that will be based on the lighter and thinner iPad Mini. It’s rumored that the fifth-generation iPad will have narrower sides and will be lighter in weight.

When this news came about, some were happy as they did not like the thicker and heavier versions of the iPad from the first to the fourth-generation. However, critics find it hard to assess, saying that when Apple goes forward with their plan to redesign it, there will be just a slight difference between the iPad and the iPad Mini. They should be reminded that the iPad Mini’s marketability is its thin and light features. However, previous reports have said that if Apple pushes through with this plan, it will probably be launched in September of this year.

How Will the iPad and iPad Mini Change This Fall?

The report also talks about some changes Apple is planning to make to the iPad Mini. The lightweight features will remain, but it’s also been said that Apple plans to decrease the width further to make it lighter and thinner, probably taking on the thinness of the Mac Book Air. Good news too is that Apple is planning to include a Retina display in the iPad Mini’s camera. Currently, iPad Mini users are just enjoying an iSight camera, which is one notch lower than the Retina display when it comes to quality. That is good news to some users who have been complaining about the iPad Mini’s camera. It should be noted that Retina display is an important feature. In fact, it has been one of the reasons the iPad is doing so well in the market, even if there are a lot of competitors. However, if all these changes push through, the market has to wait up until late this year.

Back in April, another analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, also said that all these changes will result in a September or November launch for the iPad Mini. On the other hand, he sees the fifth-generation iPad being released in August or September. It only goes to show that the predictions of different analysts are one in saying that all these changes will have to wait and aren’t going to happen any time soon.

apple to release 5th generation iPad

Meanwhile, another analyst in NPD DisplaySearch foresees that Apple will be launching a thinner and lighter iPad Mini this year, but will also be releasing another separate version of it with the Retina display. It is probably a marketing strategy for Apple to release two different versions of the iPad Mini. However, critics say that it would be best for Apple to release a new and better version of the Mini tablet complete with all the changes, all at once, since the market seems to be willing to wait.  However, it is always hard to tell what Apple is going to do because it is an extremely secretive company.

To Stay #1, Apple Must Continue to Innovate

It is good to know that Apple is still on its way to improving its technology. When everybody else thought the tablet could not get any better, it has been consistent in providing exactly just what the market needs.  Apple has kept up with  the technical side of things, with the processor and all, and the physical design, which attracts users to buy.

In fact, that’s why analysts say that the iPad and the iPad Mini are better that other tablets out there. It’s due to quality, durability and design. No matter how long Apple sticks with black and white colors, it seems it is still going well in the market. Apple just has to be more creative to be able to compete well with Samsung’s tablet technology, which is also doing well in the market.  Either way, we will have to wait until the end of this year to see what Apple came up with.

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