Facebook Mobile Ads – Buying Traffic For Apps

Facebook Mobile Ads Offer Unique Incentives to Clients

Brands and advertisers are now looking to Facebook as a venue to make their products known, and to consequently widen their market. Billions of users are regularly checking updates on the social networking site both on desktop and on mobile. Recent studies show how the latter is exceptionally effective, particularly in relation to brand and app marketing.

facebook mobile ads

The hand held device has become a top means to connect to people. The natural tendency for people to check their mobile from time to time now also involves regular peeks at what is happening on Facebook. Hence, the success of Facebook mobile app install ads, which proves to be an effective way to grow a mobile app.

Facebook mobile install ads appear in the newsfeed of Facebook users, which encourage consumers to download the app in as easy as two to three screen taps. Some brand developers and advertisers were initially hesitant to go for ads on mobile. This apprehension is primarily caused by three factors:

  1. The limited screen size of the mobile.
  2. The distracted mood mobile brings the audience.
  3. Inadequate time to earn the interest of the consumer.

But Facebook mobile app install ads have proven the apprehensions wrong. Over a short period of time, Facebook mobile install ads have become a resounding success. This achievement by the Facebook unit can be attributed to two main factors:

  1. The huge scale and extremely competitive Cost Per Index (CPI).
  2. The flexible audience selection tools that app marketers and brand developers are continually enjoying.

Mobile marketing platform Fiksu proves this conclusion through the acquired numbers of one of their top clients.

Companies Start Setting Facebook App Marketing Goals

The client involved in FIksu’s study, is a successful social sharing brand with acquired connections reaching millions from both the iOS and Android markets all over the world. The client is familiar with the challenges of app marketing and the downside of managing multiple ad networks, but still took on the challenge of advertising on mobile for their brand.

facebook ads

The client set a primary objective of speeding up their user growth to maximize their share in the market. With that goal in mind, the client targeted a low $1 CPI for their non-incentivized user acquisition method—meaning, no rewards for going with the advertisers. The client also wanted to discover the number of users who share their brand to other consumers. This particular set of people is given more attention and the client marks them as “loyal users”—the kind of consumers they want to go after.

Fiksu strengthened their user acquisition methods on a range of conventional mobile ad networks to deliver a steady line of loyal users with increasing efficiency. The method proved exceptionally successful and gave great results when integrated with Facebook.

Facebook Mobile Ads Bring Great Results for App Developers

Facebook has undoubtedly delivered a huge success for both Fiksu and the client, particularly with the utilization of Facebook mobile install ads.

The Cost Per Index (CPI) for the client on non-incentivized ad networks is $3.47 and $1.59 on iOS and Android, respectively. However, on Facebook the client’s CPI goes down to a low $0.80 and $.37—a significant 75% reduction in costs fpr developers.

The result is brought about by an outstanding conversion rate where almost 24% of recorded iOS non-incentivized clicks turn into downloads and installs, whereas the converstion rate for Android is at 11%.

The positive end-result for the client roots from the ties and overwhelming effects of Facebook to the market. Fiksu states that the user loyalty rate on Facebook is 46% better than all other social networking sites. And given such remarkable loyalty figure, the effective Cost per Loyal User goes down further, allowing the client to build up a huge base of happy and satisfied customers.

The client’s target numbers, according to Fiksu, can be achieved using Facebook’s audience selection tool, which uses gender and age to group the users in the market. This method combined with Fiksu’s integration with Facebook’s API give hints on which strategies are working for the loyal users and which are not.

Facebook Has Global Connections

facebook global influence

The wide range of Facebook’s reach, with billions of users all over the world, also proves extremely beneficial to the client.

The client’s app is randomly put out to a specific market via the Facebook mobile install ads. The focused attention given to a certain niche of users gives the client the basis for the decision to either continue build up or pull out of the market.

This testing method, done per country in a given period of a time, enabled the client to build markets in big countries like Brazil, Russia and Mexico—places which are hard to penetrate using traditional ad networks. However, the client was not able to earn the same success in the United Kingdom, and hence they decided to pull out of that market.

App Developers Finding Success on Facebook

The power of Facebook in the social media arena has long been recognized. It has been a trailblazer, continually leading the pack and making moves other people follow.

The result Facebook brings their clients with regard to brand and app marketing has gone beyond expectations. Brand developers and advertisers acknowledge the huge effect Facebook can bring their businesses. This effect can be highly attributed to the social nature of Facebook, which highlights the users’ chance to share whatever they deem interesting on the web. This very act benefits brands as it delivers an extra dose of Return on Investments that results other traffic sources cannot beat.

While Fiksu continues to explore how other traffic sources—including Real-Time Bidding (RTB), incentivized networks and other ad networks—can best help the client, the former maintains to help the latter in exploring more of Facebook’s potential to help the client expand even further around the world.

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