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Facebook Mobile Ads Have Been a Success So Far

People have developed strong attachments to mobile devices.  These days, people take their mobile phones with them wherever they go. Mobiles are basically glued to people’s hands. In a way, our mobile devices have power over us, especially when it comes to mobile advertising.

Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook has also become ingrained into people’s lives. Who does not know the brand? Who does not recognize the “like” gesture?

Over the past few years, Facebook has become the face of social media. Billions of us have been using it for different purposes—to connect with loved ones, to express sentiments, to check out the latest stuff available on the Internet, to play games, and more.

Facebook has long been a trailblazer, paving the way for other social networking sites to follow.

The apparent result when these two powerful mediums are combined for advertising is a huge success—and this is evidently seen in the flocking of brands to Facebook mobile app install ads, which, according to mobile app marketing Fiksu, creates significant figure increase in the effectiveness of app marketing.

Below are top five reasons why Facebook mobile app install ads are becoming more and more successful and why now is the best time to join in with other companies that are using it.

Mobile Devices Are Highly Personalized

People treat their mobile phones as an extension of themselves. Scan anyone’s mobile and you will see who a person talks to, what his or her itinerary for the day is, to-do lists and other personal facts. Simply put, mobile provides for the most personal and detailed information on a person.

The effect is even greater when mobile is combined with social networking sites like Facebook.  Mobile advertising on Facebook is successful because people are so personally connected to their devices.

More People Are Moving to Mobile Devices

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Mobile phones have become man’s screen of choice. Proof of the effects of the mobile phone on people’s lifestyle is overwhelming. From interesting materials in print, to reading on computer monitor, to information and entertainment on mobile devices.

Brands see this as an advantage, making mobile advertising through Facebook,an avenue to promote their products, be known better, and ultimately make more profits from sales.

Since mobile devices are always with people, who are using them to regularly check Facebook updates, the Facebook mobile ads have proven to be effective and far-reaching with advantageous end results for brands and app developers.

Facebook Mobile Ads Open Up New Marketing Opportunities for App Developers

Mobiles have become a successful outlet for advertising—mobiles have provided more opportunities to learn and relate to the brand’s target markets, particularly proven by Facebook mobile app install ads, in this case.

Facebook Marketing

Together with the hand held mobile devices, Facebook has created a spur of hope for brands and businesses who are trying to explore the marketability of products promoted on the limited size of the mobile screen. Marketing experts were at first concerned about the end-result of the move, but they were later on satisfied with how things were working, especially on Facebook mobile ads.

App marketing firm Fiksu noted that Facebook mobile app install ads made way for 25 million app downloads and that some of the top-grossing mobile apps went for advertisements on Facebook. This goes to show that brands now acknowledge the growing power of Facebook mobile ads as a means to attract a huge number of quality users at low Consumer Price Index (CPI).

According Fiksu, which monitors the daily traffic of iPhone apps in the US, the marketing costs per loyal user—measuring the expenditures of brands to acquire customers and more importantly earn downloads from them—have significantly increased from $1.33 in May to $1.50 in June. Furthermore, the growing demand for Facebook mobile app install ads brought an increase of 13% per user in June—from $.17 up $1.55.

But while app marketing costs for developers went up in June, user downloads decreased by 5% in May, with 5.9 million down to 5.6 million. This fall, Fiksu noted, is brought about by “summer doldrum”, where people tend to download fewer apps than the rest of the year. But still the figure is 22% higher than last year’s numbers.

Strategically Placing Facebook Mobile Ads

Initially, marketing experts were concerned about the success of mobile advertising due to phone’s limited screen size and probable dismay caused by a flood of ads on the device.

But Facebook has brought down all the worries and has helped a lot of brands get downloads. Facebook mobile app install ads help reach the right people through the Facebook newsfeed—which all users are engaged in.

Facebook Has Global Connections and World-Wide Popularity

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Facebook has become the face of social media. The billions of users are continually growing and a huge percentage of it relies on mobiles for search and updates. It is the same reason that we see the significant rise of marketing cost previously stated herein.

According to Fiksu, the increase in cost is brought about by the 800 million users—and still growing users—of Facebook mobile apps who patronize the install ads.

Facebook has recently announced a new program to help advertise game apps for small and medium-sized brands in exchange for share in the revenue. This project, according to Fiksu, can aid small developers to achieve app store success even with a lower budget.

Brands now view Facebook as a successful marketing avenue for their applications. Given the success of the Facebook mobile app install ads, more and more brands would flock to it, which consequently will result in increased app marketing cost and heated competition for developers.  For the long-term outlook for Facebook Mobile Ads, only time will tell, but everything is off to a good start.

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