7 Mistakes New App Developers Make (Don't Do These!)

To Be Successful, Avoid These Common Mistakes

Everyone knows that the mobile app industry is highly competitive nowadays and it’s more likely that the bigger and more popular app developers will be the ones excelling in the market. That is why most new app developers who are just starting out in the game are afraid to give it a try and take risks, especially because most apps don’t hit it big right away and are left unnoticed in the market. They are eventually taken down by the app developers themselves as soon as they give up. Not even half of all the apps in the market are patronized. Only a few are able to establish themselves as household names, and this leaves a bigger challenge to those who are beginners at the app development industry.

Entering the App Development Market

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Beginners are encouraged to step up and try their luck in the market. Finding success is about more than mastering the technical side of things and developing better apps. The bigger task for app developers is to learn how to market their masterpieces straight to their customers and outdo their competitors. It is quite hard to do, but just learning the basics of marketing will help a lot. Knowing who to target and how to hit the target will be effective in making the apps known to more customers.

Common Mistakes New App Developers Make

Avoiding the commonly committed mistakes will help you be more successful in your business endeavors. If you are a budding app developer, here are some of the things you have to avoid doing in order to succeed:

Creating apps that aren’t focused. Some app developers treat their apps like an entire website which provides everything that they think their customers need, and sometimes, everything they think that their customers want. Although their effort is appreciated, mobile apps are not intended to do everything at once. They are meant to serve a specific purpose, and that is to serve one customer’s needs.

Decide on a purpose for your app. Is it for enhanced gaming experience? Is it for a more effective source of information? Is it for better social networking experience? Is it to provide support in a customer’s mobile productivity? Is it for better quality of video and photography? Mobile apps should be focused on one purpose to avoid confusion. The tendency is for customers to get irritated when an app is so packed with features. They do not want complicated features on their apps, especially when some of them are not really helpful. Remember that most customers also want to explore other apps and are not content with just one app. As you focus on one purpose, you are carving your own niche in the mobile app market.

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Not marketing your app. Your job doesn’t stop at having an app available in the market. You don’t just create a good app and then quit. You make that app known to everybody who has a smartphone. If you have a marketing team whose primary job is to publicize and popularize your apps, then you’re lucky. But if you are just a beginner who hasn’t established a support team for your apps, then the challenge is on you as to how you sell your app.

If you’re willing to pay, then you can tie up with other apps to promote your apps with ads. But if you don’t have the budget, you can utilize the Internet, especially social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or blogging sites like Blogger and Tumblr to promote your app. Promoting your app doesn’t really have to be costly. It is just a matter of good marketing strategy and perfect timing. However, if you really want to be in this business and think about long term, it is recommended that you invest on getting a good team who is trained on marketing.

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Becoming complacent. When you’re done with an app, what you do after is not just about monitoring how well it is doing in the market. You also have to improve your app. How do you do that? You have to know what the customers say about your app. So you’d better be sure you have devised a mechanism to get feedback from your downloaders. Their feedback is important because that is where you will be discovering the improvements you need to make. Are there bugs that get in the way of your customers to fully utilize the app? Are there any other improvements you can make that can enhance the app experience? This is especially important when your app hits it big in the market and everybody downloads it. You have to sustain the momentum by further making enhancements and improving weaknesses through updates for your customers so they can fully enjoy your app.

Copying other apps. They say imitation is the best form of flattery. You create original apps and do not copy. You do not just imitate the platform, the look or the content of other apps who have become popular in the market because the tendency is that it will just blend with what’s popular right now. What’s best is to create original masterpieces that will wow the market and will stand out among other popular types of apps.

Aside from the fact that copying the look, content, and the over-all form of your app from your competitors can be considered plagiarism and is a violation of Intellectual Property Rights, it will not do any good for you because customers will still prefer those with big names. As a beginner, you have to start up with something new and you have to start strong.

You Have to Keep Trying

Getting into the game in the mobile app market is tough at first and you have to take it one step at a time. You can’t expect to hit it big right away and there will surely by challenges and struggles as you go. You may commit mistakes at first, but by putting these basics in your mind and heart, you will surely be guided. Remember that the big names in the app industry once started small like you so don’t get discouraged. You definitely have a long way to go but you will get there.

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