Mobile App Marketing Can Be Affordable and Fun

Mobile Apps Can Become Popular Even With a Small Budget

Who says you can’t do anything to popularize your app if you don’t have a large budget? Yes, it is a common misconception that you need big bucks to support your app in the market. If you’re just starting in the industry, you can promote your app all by yourself with simple methods. In fact, not all app developers know that they can maximize everything online to promote their apps. Starting small and simple won’t hurt. In fact, it can drive you towards bigger things when you have already established your name and presence in the market. You just have to understand that not all app developers start in the big time. Most of them start small and grow to be giants in the mobile app industry over time.

So, what can you do? How can you start even without a large budget? Here are some of the simplest channels you can use online to popularize your app:

Marketing Your App on Facebook

facebook marketing

Since you don’t have the budget to pay for advertisements, why not maximize the features of Facebook to make some noise about your app? You can create a page about your app and have your friends like it and share it. In this way, you get to pass the word about your app through different people. You can also visit and be a member of Facebook groups related to mobile technology and mobile apps. Once you’re a member, you can post anything about your app and invite everyone to try it. In this way, you are sure to have penetrated a group who is interested on these apps. You can also share messages through chat about your app and have others share it too. Facebook has millions of users all around the world and one message shared will surely be propagated in just a few hours.

Marketing Your App With Twitter

One post on Twitter can generate many retweets in minutes. Post brief information about your app and what it can do for prospective downloaders. You can tag mobile tech firms, analysts, and groups who have a wider network of mobile app users who might be interested in what your app has to offer. You can even tag popular celebrities, mobile tech blogs, and popular figures in the industry that have millions of followers. One retweet from them will surely let a millions know about your app.

Marketing Your App With Youtube

youtube marketing

Everyone loves watching videos on Youtube. Create your own video where you explain what your app is all about. Be sure to use good and interesting visuals so that Youtube lovers will be interested in clicking on your video post. In your video, you can include your press kits, screen posts from the actual app, or an actual clip of somebody exploring your app. In that way, people will get to watch an actual experience of how your app works. With good visuals and engaging approach, you might just encourage them to directly download your app. Be sure it’s not too long because people quit watching boring and long videos.

Marketing Your App on Blog Sites

There are many free blog platforms where you can make a page for your app. You have to give your app its own space in the online world so people will know where to go to when they want to know anything about your app. On this website, you can also explain everything that you need to say about your app so online users have the time to read them on their own. Be sure to be creative with your website though. It has to gain not only interest, but the respect of your prospective customers. Your web page should look cool but legitimate, fun but sophisticated. In this way, you get to encourage more online users to turn into their mobile phone and download your app from the app store.

Marketing Your App on Review Sites

review websites

There are many websites that do reviews on mobile apps without charging any single penny. You just have to contact them and ask them to do a review of your app. This does two things: one, you get to know what these review sites have to say about your app and two, people will get to know more of your app especially when they search through these mobile app review sites. Sometimes, this review apps even include a direct link to your app or blog site which reassures you that your customers will easily download your app in case they liked it.

Marketing Your App Via Word of Mouth

This is the most traditional marketing strategy, but it never fails. You have to get out and tell everybody on the streets what your app is all about. You can try targeting specific locations which might be housing interested people like gaming centers, arcades, and mobile phone shops. You have to bring a phone and show everyone how your app works. If you want to be more creative, you can even set up a booth where people can stop at and hang out as you show them how to go about with your apps. You can even plan your own event, say, a simple party and provide giveaway gifts to those who will stop and check out your plan. These events will require a minimal cost but it will surely be worth it.

Marketing Your App Takes Time and Effort

Having minimal budget for marketing means you have to double your effort. It might be tiring and a little dragging at first, but if you really want the whole world to know and get your app, you have to work hard. These may be simple things but they are effective, especially when you make use of these avenues simultaneously. Not to mention that they are fun to do too, especially when you have some friends who will help out. So, who says you can’t successfully promote your app if you don’t have budget? Who knows, you might just become the newest app developer to land in the top spot.

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