Source Code Contest (We're Giving Away KILLER Code)

As many of you may know, I am deep into the app flipping business. It is pretty sweet – fast, cheap, it works, etc. You also may have noticed that I started connecting people with source codes so that they could find high quality and proven assets. I was so sick of searching through the BS around the web, only to find after the fact that the code I purchased:
a) Wasn’t good
b) Didn’t make any money
c) Offered an awful ROI
This process continued and the source code world is becoming a great one to be in.
But this is just the beginning. More specifically, the opportunities to dominate with source codes are starting to become realities.
Making History
When I first started the source code side of Bluecloud, my goal was to provide a solution to anyone. If someone wanted to get into apps, make money, and start their path towards living the dream, I wanted to facilitate. I found really good codes and negotiated prices with developers to give you guys the absolute best prices on the market. Almost anyone could afford one of the codes I put up and take a shot.
But as this has evolved, so too has the marketplace. Many of you started looking around saying “Yeah, cool, I know these codes are good….but I want something AWESOME.” The kind of codes that you see in the top grossing charts. The monsters that have huge retention, incredible physics, and spew out money. You’re ready for the big leagues and it is super difficult to find anything that matches that criteria.
That is, until now.
I recently talked to my buddy JC and asked him about his absolute bombshell of a game Ninja Revinja. What he told me was pretty exciting – top 150 free games overall, insane metrics across the board, and everything in between. In case you haven’t played it, download it and check it out. It’s a great Unity3D version of the Temple Run engine….but with way more perks.
Even more exciting was that JC said he was thinking about selling the source code – he’s about to launch some new, epic games and is looking to share the love with Ninja Revinja with the app community. YES.
Without getting into too many details, this game is the first I’ve seen, maybe ever, that has been offered on it’s on as a source code. I’ve literally never seen anything of this caliber being offered ANYWHERE on the web other than through big bulk packages. The reason? Because it’s so sick that most people would just keep it to themselves. It’s almost unheard of to see someone sharing something like this with the world, a game that has crazy success (wait until you see the numbers) and has over 400 hours of development work already built in.
This is big.
Taking It A Step Further
If offering this code wasn’t enough, JC is teaming up with the guys over at FlipSourceCode to do a monster of a deal.
They’re going to give away the code to one lucky person. For free. 
I am honestly writing this post right now just because I am fired up and wanted to let everyone know this is coming, but get ready for it – this is the new revolution in source code sales. Premier quality. Incredible prices. Awesome games that will put your app efforts into the stratosphere.
People often ask me where they think the app market is going and this is it. Working together we will start to produce and market apps that are in the top 5% of the entire store, apps that can easily skyrocket to the top of the charts and never look back.
Once I calm down I’m going to write a follow up to this with all the details – why this code is so sick, what you get, how to create a powerful ROI machine, everything.

….There is One More Thing.

I’ll buy this code for one lucky person, in addition to the giveaway on Flip Source Code.  However, in order to qualify, you have to do the following:
In the comments below, write down how you will use this source code and what you will accomplish with it in the next 16 weeks.


  1. Martin C.
  2. Dustin McKay
  3. Dimitris
  4. Jason
  5. Kathy Nielsen
  6. Ryan
  7. Johannes Strydom
  8. Jana
  9. Samuel
  10. Johannes Strydom
  11. Dennis
  12. David
  13. Mo & Katinka
  14. Mo & Katinka
  15. Johny Rockets
  16. David V.
  17. Lat
  18. Garry
  19. Stephen
  20. Marty P
  21. James
  22. William Nole
  23. Charlena
  24. Andy D
  25. Kaylyn & Roy
  26. Alda
  27. Matthew Grant
  28. John Higgins
  29. Rishi
  30. Dimitris
  31. tasnim ahmed
  32. Steven
  33. Joe Clayton
  34. Daniel Lee
  35. Brandon Defrancis
  36. James
  37. Brad P
  38. Nathan
  39. Javier
  40. Randy Julien
  41. Ron Rovall
  42. Opus
  43. Brian
  44. Rachel Burgon
  45. jacomi Games
  46. Ben H
  47. Corey Wadden
  48. Asad
  49. Evens
  50. John
  51. Dustin McKay
  52. Johannes Strydom
  53. Sierra
  54. Martin Caldwell
  55. Tim
  56. shawn
  57. Kerry Powell
  58. Michelle Boguslaski
  59. Landon
  60. Marcus
  61. Isaac Jaime
  62. Naresh
  63. Brian
  64. Andy Dang
  65. Brian Ma
  66. Florian
  67. Sally Sloley
  68. Jason
  69. Puneet Kohli
  70. Michael R.
  71. Omar Amir
  72. waleed
  73. Kurt
  74. Sid
  75. Vikas
  76. Michael Copeland
  77. lukas
  78. Rob Kuh
  79. Chris
  80. Ralph Link
  81. Werner
  82. John
  83. Arno
  84. mike
  85. Imtiaz
  86. Douglas Tuft
  87. Markus G.
  88. Michael Lozano
  89. Kal
  90. Mike
  91. Luke
  92. hitendra pratap
  93. hitendra pratap
  94. Joarley
  95. David
  96. Darlington

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