Top 9 Tools for Mobile App Development

Mobile marketing has been one of the key developments in the world of business. More and more business owners and managers are seeing the importance of delving into mobile marketing, particularly app development, in order to boost their sales.

Contrary to popular belief, business owners do not need programming skills in order to develop their own mobile applications. Technology has allowed tech-savvy business owners to develop mobile apps without having to learn programming codes. There are various tools for mobile app development, and here are some of the best ones available:

1. AppMakr

appmakrAppMaker is a do-it-yourself, browser-based platform that allows you to create content-based mobile applications for iPhone, Windows, and Android phones. It allows its users to monitor app analytics, share videos and play podcasts, create photo galleries, place mobile advertisements, and integrate content with different social networks.

AppMakr allows you to easily create your own mobile app in a matter of minutes for free. With a $79 monthly subscription fee per mobile app, users can upgrade their experience and gain access to advanced features.


genwiGENWI is a publishing platform for smart phones and tablets that allows you to create a mobile app for various mobile devices.  With GENWI, not only can you publish rich media but you can also incorporate revenue-generating strategies into your mobile app.

It allows you to deliver rich photos, graphics, video, audio, and other forms of media, as well as publish mobile advertisements, in-app subscriptions, and coupons. Using GENWI, you can choose from their selection of out-of-the-box themes or even customize your own using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

GENWI supports iPhones, iPads and Android phones, and is available for free for individual users.

3. Mippin

mippinMippin is a leading app builder platform that has helped publish more than 100,000 apps to various app stores around the world. With Mippin, you can easily create applications for free for iOS, Windows, and Android devices. It can also help you distribute you mobile apps to top app stores such as iTunes, Windows, Android, and Amazon stores.

Creating an app using their App Factory is free, however you can enhance your experience by getting their App Pack for $99 per year, or upgrading to a Native App for $999 per app per year.

4. MobBase

mobbaseMobBase is another app building platform that is specifically designed for fan management for bands and artists. Among its features are an RSS feed to keep your fans updated on events and news, embedded music to let your users listen to your music as they use the app, and content management to publish information on tour schedules, tickets, and venue directions.

With MobBase, creating applications is free. You can, however, upgrade to a premium app depending on the platform you want your app to be available in.

5. MobiCart

mobicartMobiCart is an app development tool that is specially designed for e-commerce. This is ideal for those who already have online stores set up but would like to bring their store into the mobile market. MobiCard conveniently integrates your app with PayPal, allowing your users to conveniently send and receive online payments with utmost security.

MobiCart is compatible with Android, iOS, and HTML 5. It is available for free for those selling no more than 10 products. For those who have a wider product portfolio, there are 3 plans to choose from. For $15 per month, you can get a basic plan for a 100 product limit. For $29 per month, you can get a starter plan for a 2,000 product limit. For $49 per month, you can get a pro plan for an unlimited product limit.

6. MyAppBuilder

myappbuilderMyAppBuilder is an app development platform that publishes content for your mobile apps. It is specially designed for realtors, authors, salons, bands, sports teams, bloggers, dealerships, retail, restaurant owners, and religious group.

MyAppBuilder lets you create HTML5 compatible apps for free. This, however, comes with ad support. For $9 per month, you can create 3 HTML5-compatible apps. For $29 per month, you can also create 3 apps compatible with iOS, Android, and HTML5. Finally, for $79 per month, you can create 10 apps compatible with all three platforms.

7. RunRev’s LiveCode

LivecodeRunRev has developed a simple coding language that can easily be learned by non-programmers. As such, unlike other mobile app development platforms, RunRev’s LiveCode is unique such that it lets you program your own mobile app using codes in simple English. While it may take a while to learn its programming language, LiveCode currently comes with a free programming course to teach you how to learn the easiest way to code your own apps.

LiveCode is compatible with iOS, Blackberry, Linux, Android, and Windows devices. The Community Edition LiveCode is available for download for free, while its Enterprise Edition is available for $500.

8. ShoutEm

242 shout-em-logo-medium-thumb-450x122-95438ShoutEm is another mobile app creator that lets you make mobile apps with very minimal time and effort. With ShoutEm, you get to choose from a wide array of modules and templates. Its key features include content management, engagement tools, monetization options including mobile advertising and in-app subscriptions, and analytics.

ShoutEm is available in 4 plans. The Basic Plan is available for $19.90 per month and is compatible with HTML5. The Advanced Plan, their most popular plan, is available for $49 per month and is compatible with iOS, Android, and HTML5. The Unlimited Plan is available for $199.90 per month and allows API access and data syncing. ShoutEm also offers an Enterprise Plan that is customizable to your needs.

9. SwebApps

swebappsSwebApps is an easy-to-use app creator that allows you to create web apps and native iPhone and Android apps with minimal programming knowledge. SwebApps takes pride in its excellent customer service for users.

SwebApps offers 4 distinct pricing options. Users can try the basic version for free. They can also create their own HTML5 WebApp for $19 per month and no publication fee. The third option is to create native iOS and Android apps and an HTML5 WebApp for $29 per month and a $299 one-time publication fee. Lastly, they can also create professionally designed native iOS and Android apps and an HTML5 WebApp for $29 per month and a $1,299 one-time design and publication fee.

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