How to Build an App on a Budget

The app industry has evolved to be a large segment among entrepreneurs.  Digital platforms have been tapped to become more productive, since more consumers are going mobile and online. Apps have been considered to be one of the most popular ways to go viral, as there have been successful apps that were launched and showed significant traction.

Creating an app seems to be a convenient process because there are readily available app makers and developers and programmers that have proven their efficiency in creating an app that will work best for your business. While everyone may be jumping on the app bandwagon and splurging on app creation, it is best for you to be careful before you start investing in building an app.

app development budgetIf you’re new to the app industry, get ready for relatively shocking news. A simple program can cost you more than $10,000 and that’s without any added features or social networking add-ons. Unless you have some basic design skills, you will surely need to get the help of both a programmer and a designer. Another shocking piece of news is that programmers have started to charge surprisingly high rates for their services.

The massive growth of the app market has coincided with the creation of a parallel niche industry, which is the proliferation of accessible, low-cost development alternatives to traditional shops and agencies.

For big businesses, having the budget for app creation is not a problem. Large firms can easily choose the designs, features, and templates they want to have for their app without worrying about how much money they need to spend. They can work with top notch programmers and big companies to ensure the success of the launch of their apps. However, if you are a budding entrepreneur and if this is your first time creating an app, you surely do not want to spend your entire budget on just one app. While an app is a smart investment, you may have a limited budget and this may constrain you from achieving your desired results. If you think apps are just for those with the big guns, then you should take note of the points below on how to create an app while working on a budget.

  • Test your app before completing all the features. A feature-packed app may sound really tempting and attractive; however, this does not guarantee success. It is best that you test your app first and get feedback from your users to make sure that the features will be appreciated by your market. Once you are already sure of the demand for your app, then you can consider getting more funds to modify and develop your app.  Let your users see the app first, get their feedback, and check if their reception is aligned with your business goals.  The best way to do this is to release an app that primarily offers the core functionality. This should also be the main driver of your app. Later on, you can update it and add features once you already know how to meet the demand of your market.
  • mobile app platformBe smart in choosing a platform. While the mobile industry has shown significant growth through the years, it’s still best to choose a platform that will reach your target market.  If your business is interactive and will involve geo-mapping and other features that allow your customers to use the app right then and there, then you can develop an app that caters to your mobile app user market.

If your app is intended to just promote your business, then you can create a basic app on the onset. This will eventually evolve into a better and more feature-packed app. The keys here are market research, identifying where your customers are, and from there build an app that will give your market the best experience ever. This will help increase downloads and boost your sales. Who knows, your app may be the next big thing in the market?

  • You do not need to build a new team to create your app. Since you are new to the business, it is advisable that you find an outsourced provider who best understands your needs, goals, and budget. The provider should be aware of your budget limitations, so he or she will not go overboard with the budget while still fulfilling the requirements you need to meet your business goals. When you decide to outsource the development and design of your app, you can save a significant amount on the costs and risks of building a new team. At this point, your priority is to let your customers know about the app as soon as possible. You need to take advantage of your time and launch the app once the timing is right. However, you should bear in mind that you can never compromise the quality of your app. Reducing costs and working within the budget is not a valid excuse for uncompetitive and lousy apps.
  • app core functionalityBuild a test app first. As discussed in the previous points, creating a simple app will allow you to gauge interest, get feedback, and understand whether or not you’re building the right product before you spend the extra time and money in perfecting every detail. Do not waste too much time on perfecting an app when you haven’t even understood your market and its needs.

Try considering and exploring non-traditional development opportunities, which are emerging in a number of forms. Programs now allow everyday consumers to build apps through HTML and drag-and-drop platforms. You can also customize templates. These services are on the rise, and they’re worthy tools to try.

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