How to Create a Top App

The advent of apps and mobile platforms has signalled for the rise of the app industry where a plethora of developers and apps have been all over the place. With this surge of apps, it is important to underscore that if you are an app developer, you should ensure the success of your app in every way possible. You cannot just create an app and launch it without planning how to develop, build, and sustain it.

Before you plunge in to the sea of app developers, who are all competing for attention, there are a few things you should know that will help get your app into the top percentage in the app store.

  • Determine if you need native or a cross-platform development.  The app development industry is known to be an aggressive battlefield, so you need to create an app that will be able to stay in the game for a long time. Every platform has its own unique set of coding skills that are required. Make sure that you use the right coding, so you can ensure your app’s optimum performance and get the latest API support.  If this is the first time you’ve created an app, it is advisable to start with testing a single platform and later on check other possibilities for multi-platform app development.
  • mobile app platformChoose your first platform. You can choose from Google Play, Windows Store, or the Apple App Store to sell your app.  Apple pays more for top developers who create apps that are being sold, instead of those which can be downloaded for free.  The Windows Store allows apps to run simultaneously on more devices and mediums such as the PC, tablet and smartphone.

Determine if you can sell your app upfront or you can use ads in driving earnings from the app. Overall, Goggle Play has showed a significant growth while Windows may have some intrinsic problems. Be careful in choosing, and whichever platform you will choose, just work on capping it off with success and good relationship.

  •  Choose a great design. You need to choose a design that will work best for your app. The app’s success is usually determined by its functionality; however its design and user interface also matters. When designing your app, you need to consider the following points:
  • clear graphicsEnsure that the graphics are clear. You cannot get away with poor and bad pixels. You need to make sure that everything on your app has been checked by an editor. Everything you publish should be grammatically correct and the pixels should be perfect. This will make your audience pleased with your app.
  • Be conscious of the icons and buttons. Every detail in your app matters. You need to make sure that all the details in your app, including the icons, fonts, and other important buttons are designed to be user-friendly and will engage your users.
  • Create engaging icons. Your market would love to use an app with engaging icons that will encourage them to explore your app. Make sure that the design of your icons fit the overall theme of your app.
  • overcoming mistakesAdmit flaws in your app. Should you have glitches or flaws in your apps, you should be ready to admit them and do something about it immediately. Recognizing your app’s flaws make you more prepared for bigger apps and it equips you with essential lessons that you need to remember the next time you create an app.
  • Be conscious of your platform. If you are creating a mobile app, you should design a template that will work best with a small screen. Applying the “less is more” philosophy will bring your app to places.
  • Undergo design testing. You need to check and test your design if it works on all the screen size. Its appearance should remain the same across all these sizes and across all the platforms. If it does not work on a certain screen size, you need to edit it and work on making it uniform across all apps.
  • app development teamWork with a good team. Hiring your first programmer will be a difficult and  lengthy process, but it will surely be worth all the time and effort. Making great hires will help you avoid unnecessary delays, costs, and frustration in the future.  Working with a great team will help you achieve success. You will eventually add new people and talent to your team, so learning how to quickly and effectively assess programmers is an important skill to develop.
  • Create effective marketing strategies. You need to work on a clear and interesting product description. You cannot merely describe what your app can do. You should be able to convince your audience to actually try and purchase the app right then and there. If you can create a video to promote what your app can do for your audience, then invest in it. You can also include screenshots of the app and let your market know what is in store for them as you bring the app to the market.

You can also create a letter instead of simply enumerating the features of your app. Remember that you need to sell your app to a discerning market. Another way of promoting your app is being featured in app stores, especially during your launch. Eventually, when you get more funds, you can have it published in bigger app stores. With the highly competitive app market, you need to raise the bar and create your own niche. You can only do that if you create a great app and sustain it.


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