How to Make DIY Apps

Gone are the days when only professionals developers could create apps.  You need not hire or work with an expensive app developer. Nowadays, you can explore using the do-it-yourself (DIY) app builders that give you more room for flexibility and creativity. You do not need excellent technical skills or extensive knowledge in the field. You can create a great app by applying everything that you have learned from your research and from your other practices. Another good thing about creating your own app is that you do not need hundreds or thousands of dollars to create one. You just need to be resourceful and you need to be knowledgeable in the best app creators that are readily available for your business.

There are DIY app making platforms that can enable you to build useful apps while on a minimal budget. It is advisable that you review which app creator will be the best to use as you begin to start your business in the app industry.

Here is a list of the best app makers that you can consider:

appypieAppy Pie. Appy Pie is known to be one of the fastest growing DIY mobile app makers that is recognized worldwide. It is mainly popular for its drag and drop platform, which makes it a lot easier for you to create mobile apps for all available platforms. Whether your target market is using Android, iOS, Blackberry, or Windows phone, you can use Appy Pie to help you create an app. Once you have created your app with Appy Pie, it will be automatically published. It also has its own app marketplace where you can have your app published.

Another highlight of Appy Pie is that it allows you to choose which features can best help you stay connected with your audience. Appy Pie App Maker gives you various features such as social media and blog integration, sharing capabilities, photo galleries, push notifications, and other details that will help you with promoting your app. It also offers business tools such as restaurant tools, appointment scheduler, menu builder, GPS tracking, dcontact features, and passbook coupons. Appy Pie App Maker can also do the QR code and website integration.

If you want to measure your app’s performance and work on making your app more interactive, you can also use Appy Pie’s app management tools, including custom coding, app monetization, app analytics, or even its real time revisions feature.  What is attractive about Appy Pie App Maker is that you can create your HTML5 designs for free. There are subscription plans that you can choose from. You can spend $7 per month for one app. The plan already includes customer support and free mobile website.

eachscapeEachScape. EachScape app builder is best known for its ability to give you apps that are of high quality and are customized for HTML5, iOS, and Android. Big companies such as Discovery, NBS, CBS, and E! use EachScape. The best feature of EachScape is that you can customize your app since this platform does not just work on templates.

It also has a plethora of features such as push notifications, live streaming, location-based services, and other social network integration.  EachScape also provides Cloud CMS to store text, images, audio and videos that power your app, as well as a data manager that works with multiple types of data sources, including RSS and XML. You can choose from its advanced app management tools. By using Eachscape, administrators can grant permissions to different users to manage dedicated aspects of the app, while third party analytics enables EachScape to integrate with Flurry, or Google Analytics.

Mainstream Apps. Mainstream Apps is best known for providing small entrepreneurs a do-it-yourself, cloud-based platform to build apps catered to its customers. What makes it very easy to use is that you can point and click your way to building brand-focused apps. This does not require highly technical skills. Once you’ve built your app, MainStreet Apps does everything from hosting your data in the cloud to reviewing your app and uploading it to the app store.

When you use Mainstream Apps, you can create branded, customer-focused apps. You can also use other features such as inclusion of individualized content, photos, task lists, and a contact page to engage more consumers and allow interaction. This also makes communication easier. The app builder also includes a handy appointment scheduler, which lets users schedule appointments using the app; the scheduler can be synced with Google Calendar so users can see your availability in real time.

appmakrAppMakr. AppMakr is a free DIY app-creation platform that is best known for building robust, native apps for iOS and Android wherein you do not need to be a professional developer since you do not need to write source codes.

With AppMakr, you can build as many high quality apps as you want. You can enjoy unlimited updates without having to spend your entire budget since this is for free. You can also choose from features such as push notifications, HTML 5 functionality, high-resolution photo galleries, live updates, and branding and design customizations. Additional features include navigation control, tab viewing and monetization.

Advantages of creating a DIY app:

  • In-house talent is always accessible and cheaper.
  • You get better visibility into your development process and your app.
  • Communication is typically easier.
  • Your staff should understand your business needs better than an outside contractor.
  • Ongoing app maintenance is simpler.
  • Investing in your team’s skills prepares you for future development projects at reduced cost.

The most urgent fact to focus on when considering cultivating in-house development talent is that the learning curve for software development can be immense. Learning to code requires a highly analytical mind with great attention to detail, as well as a serious investment of time and mental focus.

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