DIY App Building Tools

Who says professionals and developers are the only ones who can create apps?

DIY app buildingHaving an app developed by a team or a developer can be really expensive. If you just want to create an app for fun, or if you want to see if it will work for your small business, you can always research how to create your own app. More good news is that there are already DIY app making tools that you can use. If you are on a minimal budget, you can be resourceful and choose the tool that will meet your requirements. These app tools have their own strengths and abilities, thus you can choose which app will be most helpful for you.

You can be creative and adventurous with your own app. You do not need to be highly code savvy or be a computer geek to create a simple app. The DIY app making tools are competent and they can give you options for possible features that you want to create.

Here is a list of the most popular DIY app making tools that you can choose from:


This tablet and smartphone publishing platform allows you to create and manage your presence on all popular mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android and HTML5 apps. GENWI is capable of delivering rich graphics, photos, video, audio and other forms of interactivity. You can also revise your apps and improve them. You can beef up your app by including various revenue generating capabilities for businesses, including ads, coupons, and in-app purchases. After a three month trial, pricing varies by features included.

Appy Pie

appy pieAppy Pie is known to be one of the fastest growing DIY mobile app makers that is recognized worldwide. It is mainly popular for its drag and drop platform, which makes it a lot easier for you to create mobile apps for all available platforms. Whether your target market is using Android, iOS, Blackberry, or a Windows phone, you can work on Appy Pie to help you create an app. Once you have created your app with Appy Pie, it will be automatically published in their stores. It also has its own app marketplace where you can have your app published.

Another highlight of Appy Pie is that it allows you to choose which feature can best help you stay connected with your audience. Appy Pie App Maker gives you various features such as social media and blog integration, sharing capabilities, photo galleries, push notifications, and other details that will help you promote your app. It also offers business tools such as restaurant tools, appointment scheduler, menu builder, GPS tracking, contact features, and passbook coupons. Appy Pie App Maker can also do QR code and website integration.


Mippin is known for its strength for being a user friendly DIY tool. It allows you to create apps for Android, iOS, and Windows, and it provides flexibility in designing the app. You can even have Mippin distribute your app for you to the iTunes, Android, Windows and Amazon stores. Native apps can cost as much as $999 per year.


eachscapeThis app builder is best known for its ability to give you apps that are of high quality and are customized for HTML5, iOS, and Android. Big companies such as Discovery, NBS, CBS, and E! use EachScape. The best feature of EachScape is that you can customize your app since this platform does not just work on templates. It also has a plethora of features such as push notifications, live streaming, location based services and other social network integration.

EachScape also provides Cloud CMS to store text, images, audio, and videos that power your app, as well as a Data Manager that works with multiple types of data sources, including RSS and XML. You can choose from its advanced app management tools. By using EachScape, administrators can grant permissions to different users to manage dedicated aspects of the app, while Third Party Analytics enables EachScape’s own analytics to integrate with Omniture, Flurry, or Google Analytics.

Mainstream Apps

Mainstream Apps is best known for providing small entrepreneurs a do-it-yourself, cloud-based platform to build apps catered to its customers. What makes this very easy to use is that you can point and click your way to building brand focused apps. This does not require high technical skills. Once you’ve built your app, Mainstream Apps does everything from hosting your data in the cloud to reviewing your app and uploading it to the app store.

mainstream appsWhen you use Mainstream Apps, you can create branded, customer focused apps. You can also use other features such as inclusion of individualized content, photos, task lists, and a contact page to engage more consumers and allow interaction. This also makes communication easier. The app builder also includes a handy appointment scheduler, which lets users schedule appointments using the app; the scheduler can be synced with Google Calendar so users can see your availability in real time.


AppMakr is a free DIY app creation platform that is best known for building robust, native apps for iOS and Android wherein you do not need to be a professional developer, since you do not need to write source codes. With AppMakr, you can build as many high quality apps as you want. You can enjoy unlimited updates without having to spend your entire budget since it is free. You can also choose from features such as push notifications, HTML 5 functionality, high-resolution photo galleries, live updates, branding, and design customizations. Additional features include navigation control, tab viewing, and monetization.

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