Important Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs This Year

Entrepreneurship AppsAnnual budgets, monthly salary, order forms—every entrepreneur faces the dilemma of juggling multiple balls of stress and tasks every single day. It takes a great man or a woman to be able to efficiently run a business, watch out for competitors, think of an effective marketing strategy, devise a new plan to beef up a launch—all of these things in one mind. If you are already like this, then do not sulk or burn out, there are a lot of ways to improve your task management while still ensuring that your business is still on top of the game.

Every entreprenuer needs technology.

You can hire all the best people in town, you can plan ahead of time, or you can get the best consultants. Do what you think is best for your company in terms of traditional entrepreneurship. But do not forget how technology has made your life easier back in college or back in the days when you just had to Google for your research. Today is high time you leverage on technology for something more fruitful—be on top of your business, and keep your business on top of the competition. Technology allows you to do this even when you are not at your computer desk. You do not need to have the CEO chair for you to make decisions, you also do not need to spy in malls or send spies to your competitors for important information. With just a tap or slide, you can access the information that you need and achieve your company’s goals.

As an entrepreneur, your time is more precious than gold, and mobile apps will be of big help if they are used as tools of the trade. Gone are the days when apps are just your basic calculators or calendars. Today, apps can help you improve your business in dramatic ways.

Here is a list of the top apps that every entrepreneur needs:


TrackMaven is capable of streamlining your ability to monitor data about your competition, without going through the hassle of consulting multiple sources. Filter the marketing activity you want alerts for and erase all the extra white noise. This will keep you posted on your competitors without the need to actually go out or send someone.


electronic signatureGone are the days when you have to physically be present to sign or close a deal. Even if you are miles away and even if you are working remotely, you are already capable of closing the deal that you have been waiting for. EchoSign is an impressive Adobe app that will allow you to electronically sign documents. This is easy and safe. The app will also be able to record and save each document’s history, so you have automatic audit trails. This app will really help you save time and trouble backtracking in case there will be a need to review important documents.

Free Wifi Finder

Every entrepreneur needs a strong team, a decisive mind, and another equally important thing—a good and stable Internet connection. A poor Internet connection should not get in the way of your business, nor should it delay any transaction or be a hindrance to your success. Free Wifi Finder is a significant app in securing yourself a good internet connection. With today’s digital age, an excellent internet connection is considered to be a pillar of a strong business.


mobile meetingsSince most of your meetings are outside the office and you never want to be late for meetings, you need Uber. For any on-the-go entrepreneur, this service is essential to ensure you always have a way to get to that last minute meeting—even when every cab in the city is full.


For those frequent occasions when you’re too busy to be sitting in the office, use MobileDay to coordinate all of your in-person and conference call meetings.

What is good with this app is that you can dial in automatically, email with participants, and even get directions to your meeting place. You are mobile, but you are also efficient. What are the wonders of getting the best of both worlds?


skitch annotationThe convenience of screenshots has been helpful in getting notes and important details on a topic. Skitch will help you take the notes directly from these screenshots. This is a new creation of Evernote wherein you can get directly to the point through different annotations, shapes, and sketches.

FedEx Office

This mobile app is one of the most helpful on-the-go apps for entrepreneurs. You can easily send files, documents or photos through the app to your nearest FedEx location to be printed.

You can even upload files directly from Box,Google Drive and DropBox. FedEx has entered your digital doors and all you have to do is to click away.

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