Theory Of Relativity – What's Possible In Two Years

This is not a long post. I am a HUGE believer in recognizing accomplishments, reflecting on progress, and understanding how you got to where you are. I advise other people to do this, so I do it too.
Two years ago I released this app:
Gangnam App
Gangnam Style
It was (approximately) the 75th app I had uploaded to the store. What most people don’t know is that I had “mock” uploaded over 1,000 already just so that I was a master at publishing (upload, then reject before it went into review). I was pretty close to writing off the whole app thing, despite making good money on my other apps. I was just so burnt out.
The rest is history.
When we’re young, years seem life a lifetime. As you get older, you realize how fast they go. But what doesn’t change if the amount of opportunity each year holds. Each month. Each day.
Many people would look at two years and dismiss it as a period of their life that can be lumped together in one sweeping statement.
“Oh yeah, I lived in Tokyo for two years.”
“I was a senior account manager for two years.”
“I dated someone for two years.”
Two years…and it’s just a flash in the pan.
I’m writing this blog post for the person reading this and feeling like they are spinning their wheels. I’m writing it for the person who looks at time and thinks that letting days or weeks pass by is OK…that something will change in the future. I’m writing it for the Carter Thomas who woke up on Novemeber 29, 2012 wondering if life would ever get better, or if all the books he read were just full of it – that it wouldn’t happen to him.
I’m writing this to tell you that everything can change if you want it to….and it can happen a LOT faster than you think. Like I’ve said before, it’s not necessarily easy…but it’s possible.
Two years ago I was sitting EXACTLY where you are. I dreamed of traveling more. I read about this guy Chad Mureta as if it was some far away fantasy world. I felt like I would never get ahead.
Two years later I’ve traveled more than I ever thought I would do in a lifetime. Chad is one of my best friends. I’ve put myself (financially) in a position where I am in control of my future. Granted, this is the product of thousands of hours of work, but it still happened. It wasn’t the revenue from the Gangnam game that got me here – it was that I finally had proof that this was all possible.
All in two years.
Dreams come true…faster than you think. Respect time and it’s power. Use it.
Rock and roll,


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