20 App Reskin Examples that Crush the Charts

Reskinning Apps
What if I told you the secret to the perfect network.  Would you be interested?
Whether you’re looking to earn some extra income or you’re a million dollar company on your way to becoming a billion dollar company.  The answer to take your game to the next level is right in front of you.
It’s skinning.
App reskinning can be one of the biggest passive income opportunities. But only if you do it right and put in the work.

Business 101

Step 1:  Find something that works and produces a profit. 
Step 2:  Repeat the process. To learn about our entire app business building process, click here
Developing an app takes a lot of heart and energy.  Our goal with skins isn’t to duplicate apps, but to reach new audiences by changing the theme and appearance.


Below you can checkout some serious examples of skin networks that are bringing in ridiculous revenue.  Take a close look at their strategies, and how you can match their success.
Want to pump up your app reskinning muscles?  Checkout these resources:

1.  The Candy Crush Saga of Skinning

game reskinning example with candy crush
Dialed.  Are the Candy Crush Sagas the best skins of all time?  It appears so.
Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda Saga are both killing it in the Top Grossing charts.

2.  The King of Skinning

Several dentist game examples
George is the master of skinning.  He has numerous skins in the same network with little to no alterations to the code.
Even the icons look almost identical.  <You can mimic this network and make money reskinning apps.

 3.  Deer Hunter slaughter

Deer hunting games
Glu Games Inc has skinning down to an art.  They’re in a different league than most developers, but their skins of Deer Hunter kill it.  And all their apps are in the same network.
Another strategy the guys at Glu use is sequels.
If you have a hit app bringing in solid revenue, try uploading a sequel.  Throw in some small improvements, a few new graphics and the hardest part – a “2” in the title.  Checkout some of their killers below:

  • Contract Killer -> Contract Killer 2
  • Gun Bros -> Gun Bros 2
  • Blood & Glory -> Blood & Glory 2
  • Eternity Warriors -> Eternity Warriors 2

[sc name=”Position – 1 – Shortcode” ]

4.  Winning big with slots

make a slots app
Gotta love Slots.  Perhaps the most skinned code of all time.  I counted over 25 slots skins in the Phantom EFX network.  Insane!  No crazy metadata or design.
They simply cornered the market on tons of casino themes.  Does this code look familiar?

5.  TeamLava’s Hot Magma Network

casual games reskinned
Checkout these reviews.  There’s tons of people playing these skinned puzzle games, and THEY LOVE THEM!  Great screenshots.  They’ve figured out how to catch their consumer’s eye.
Want to skin your own kickass puzzle game?  Checkout the Gem Dots source code.  It’s extremely affordable and slays it.

6.  An Avalanche of Runner Skins

Games that are endless runners
Runner codes are a great starting place to dive into the app skinning game.
Coders and designers are familiar with these codes and how they work.  In fact, this is one of the most popular source codes that you’ll see Bluecloud members talking about.

 7.  Go PRO with your Apps

GoPro with your phone
What’s the difference between a LITE app and a PRO version app?  Sometimes it’s just an In-App-Purchase.  Or an ad popup.  A $100 investment could double your cash flow.  NoApostroph3s shows us this strategy not only murders it with games, but utility apps too.

8.  Flappy Bird – Need I Say More?

Clone Flappy Bird
86,000+ reviews and #3 in Entertainment?  Ridiculous.  You don’t even need a good designer for this one.
Flappy Potato?
I’m game.
When you reskin games, the upside potential is huge. Just be sure to do your research and find out what themes work.

9.  What’s cuter than a puppy?

Reskin games with animals
Sometime all you need is a cute icon right?  The guys over at Pocket Gems have a slightly more complicated game plan than that, but it’s working for them.
True story: I met with Pocket Gems a while back when they were first getting started with reskinning…they said it was the single most important business move they’ve ever made.
Remember – big or small, this stuff is powerful.

10.  Soap Opera and Builder Skins

Tiny Games
TinyCo has some MONSTER apps.  But the flow is the same, just different themes with amazing art.
This is yet another example of app success stories that use reskinning as their business model.

11.  Bluecloud’s skin-dynasty

music entertainment apps
We purchased this code for a couple hundred bucks and threw it in the Store.  After it started making a hell of a lot of money, we decided to share it with the Bluecloud community who brought the code to the next level.  We do an entire step by step case study on how we did this – see it for free by registering here. 

12.  These could be your apps

Examples of reskinned games
This could be the best code we’ve ever come across.  Is it going to make you millions of dollars?  Doubtful.  But the functionality is simple, the resource count is under 50, and you can get your own copy for less than $200.  Interested?

13.  Cool Fonts & Texts

Cool font apps
Alejandro found a way to turn one code into a Font Empire – the font and text machine.  You don’t need to focus your skin strategy solely around changing hundreds of images.

14.  Sick of these yet?  The developers not -> $$$

Make a guessing game
Alegrium has figured out the formula for the “Guess the…” code.  A solid icon, theme, and screenshots and you’re good to go. So many versions, so little time.

15.  The Happy Guys at Rovio

Angry Birds apps
Angry Birds has destroyed the skinning game since they flew out of the cage in 2009.  Granted they have the budget to spice up their different themed skins, but the functionality is the same.
If you want to create a game like Angry Birds, read this post. It will give you specifics on the results you can get when you reskin apps.

16.  Collecting checks at the arcade

Coin arcade source code
Our Unity coin pusher app was an immediate success.  So the first thing we did was skin the hell out of it.
This code is projected to make well over $100k this year and was the #1 Bluecloud app in 2014. Learn how you can build something like this too.

17.  Pimp your Revenue

Make an iOS app
The Pimp My Screen team has exploded the market with wallpaper skins.  The Scale Heights guys have picked up the code with their own revenue blasters.  Wallpaper codes are a killer investment due to their lifetime value.

 18.  Keyboard Galore + Bundles

Keyboard source code
Starting with the release of iOS 8, Apple now allows developers to mess with keyboards.  The G-Power team has taken advantage of their keyboard code and earned some extra revenue through bundle sales.
Do you have 100 keyboard ideas you could easily develop?  I do.

19.  Tips & Tricks – Intelligneti’s Secret

Create a tips app with a reskin
These guys have been doing this for years.  Everytime a new iOS or device comes out, they update their code and release another one.  Same code they’ve been using for years.
And the strategy works (as long as you can get it past the Apple Book Police).

20.  Skin-tastic

Runtastic app templates
Beautiful.  The Runtastic gurus have cornered the health & fitness market with some simple skins.
Whether it’s GPS or workout videos, they’ve whipped together a formula that brings in big bucks.

In Closing

The list goes on and on.
Temple Run, Fruit Ninja, Clash of Clans…
Go through the Top Grossing apps on the Store.  You’ll notice a lot of the apps in this article flood the charts.  That’s because roughly 2% of developers make up for over 50% of the App Store revenue.  Now you know their secret.
The most amazing thing about this model is that it WORKS. It’s not just theory – you’re looking at companies making millions (even billions!) of dollars using the same principles we teach on this blog.
Want to learn more? Click here and learn everything you know about the app business. You’ll get a FREE 150 page ebook on apps. All you have to do is click here and register!
Rock and roll,


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