Examples of Developers Putting App Templates to Work

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App Templates are the real deal. Don’t get App Templates confused with models like Freemium VS Subscription, I’m talking about an app “blueprint” that acts as the foundation for development and innovation.
Plenty of developers are using this concept to rake in cold hard cash.  And once you nail it, repeatability becomes inevitable.

Innovation without a template will lead to failure

Starbucks header
Going out guns blazing is one of the fastest ways to lose a million dollars.
Every successful business follows a template to achieve a desired result. And if you’re an entrepreneur or new to app development, you WILL FAIL if you aren’t using some type of business strategy or template.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a winning business template at your fingertips? Something you can easily mold into your own?
That’s the question that kicked things up a notch when Starbucks allowed investors to purchase franchises.
The requirements to purchasing a Starbucks franchise:

  • 700k in liquid assets
  • Hospitality experience
  • Business owner

If you’ve got 700k under your couch cushions and end up purchasing a Starbucks, they’ll deliver a fully loaded Starbucks template to your door.  I’m talking training, equipment, access to their marketing materials…
What does Starbucks want from you in return?  They want you to open 20 MORE Starbucks in the next 5 years!
And why not?  Why can’t you hockey stick your revenue from 1 franchise to 20?
Starbucks gives you everything you need to create a multi-unit franchise (besides 700k).
The reason why this actually works is because Starbucks is an awesome franchise that wants it’s franchisees to kick ass.
This is the SAME business strategy Bluecloud Solutions and tens of THOUSANDS of successful app developers use to create hit apps one after the other.  We offer reputable app templates that are packaged up so the buyer can easily skip the time and money needed for development, and go straight to innovation.

Emulating is not copying 

Let’s bring up the elephant in the room, the Skinning Model – taking an app and flipping it as quickly and affordably as possible.
Yes, it’s controversial because some developers misuse skinning to flood the market with a bunch of crap.  But hey, it does work in a lot of business markets, including apps.
But, emulation is entirely different than skinning.  Emulating is taking a model or template and innovating it.

Supercell, creators of Clash of Clans, Hay Day, and Boom Beach

Supercell has had huge success making apps for the mid-core gamer.  They nailed the user behavior with Clash of Clans and created a template for their next hit Boom Beach.
But Boom Beach isn’t a copy of Clash of Clans, it’s a whole new beast!
4 things Supercell improved with Boom Beach:

1.  A faster hook – Supercell spead up the tutorial and hooked the user with sweet graphics

2. Retention mechanic – Boom Beach includes a submarine that dives for coins to increase in-game currency and retention

3.  Training troops – the #1 complaint from Clash of Clans reviews is the time it takes to train soldiers.  This isn’t an issue with Boom Beach as troops are available and ready to fight.

4.  A session end – after you’ve freed all the villages on your map, there’s literally nothing left to do unless you expand your map.  This is different that the continuous play strategy Clash of Clans uses.

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Build apps like a gangster

By building off the same core loops and gaming engine Clash of Clans was built with, Boom Beach has added another hit in Supercell’s app franchise!
There are tons of other game developers doing similar stuff, including Pocket Gems, TinyCo, and Glu Mobile.
That’s because app templates are what successful developers use to reinvent hit apps.  We know because it’s what took Bluecloud from a dream to a reality in just 2 years.
The best part is that you don’t have to be one of the big players in the industry to do it.  App Templates can help ANYONE make money with apps.
If you want to get in this strategy, Bluecloud can hook you up. Go here to see what’s available now.
What kind of app template are you looking for?

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