BC4 – 5 Gangster Business Moves: Oakley, Pele, George Soros, Swan Vesta and Tom Barrack

Bluecloud podcast episode 4
Today we are going to change things up a little and I’m going to talk about five exciting business case studies that will change the way you think about business. It can really easy to get caught up in the app world and do the same things that everyone else is doing.
But by looking at other industries, we can expand our thinking and learn how to identify opportunities that can have huge payoffs. I hope these success stories will give you some ideas for your apps and encourage you to seek out these stories on a regular basis.
The first story involves an opportunity that Oakley identified during a crisis that was televised all over the world. However, they didn’t take advantage of it in a sleazy way. They figured out how their product could help people and create buzz for their sunglasses at the same time.
Next, I talk about the soccer star Pele and how he got paid very well to…tie his shoes. Yes, that may sound silly. But once you listen to the story, you will understand why this was such a gangster move on the part of the marketers.
If you haven’t heard George Soros’ story before, you definitely don’t want to miss this story. He knew that British Pound could not stay on the same course and got paid handsomely for it.
Finally, the last two case studies have a very similar theme. It is all about identifying opportunities that nobody else sees.
Success story #4 is about a factory worker that saw the obvious and wasn’t afraid to name his price for pointing it out. The executives of a company should know everything…right? Well this guy saw something that the execs completely missed and he got paid handsomely for it.
Sometimes we may dismiss our observations because we think they are too obvious. Big mistake. 
The same goes for a real estate mogul. Everyone was looking at a real estate deal in the “traditional” way, but he saw something else. You won’t believe what made the deal profitable for him and how simple his solution was.
These are some of my favorite business stories and I hope they inspire you too!
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In This Episode

  • Why tying your shoes at exactly the right time can be the biggest marketing move ever
  • How to turn a tragedy into an opportunity (and do good at the same time)
  • Taking advantage of insights that may be obvious to you may not be so obvious to others
  • How to bet big, when you know you are right
  • And more!

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