5 App Business Podcasts – Learn How to Market an App and More

App business podcasts can be a great way to educate yourself about the app business while you are at the gym, driving to/from work or just sitting by the pool. You can learn how to market an app, iPhone app development, how to turn an idea into an app and much more.
In this post, we are going to give you five podcasts that we feel are currently the best podcasts for indie app developers. The podcast landscape for mobile apps is changing constantly and it can be tough to keep up.
I hope that this post will turn you on to some resources that will take your app business to the next level. Listening to podcasts can be a great way to get new marketing strategies, find great app resources and get you out of a creative funk.

Bluecloud Podcast

Bluecloud app podcast
(Yeah, we are a little biased)
We saw the huge value that podcasts were delivering to app developers, so we decided to create a podcast of our own. Learn about how Carter got started with building games, get inspired and much more.
Future episodes will feature interviews with app marketers, developers and successful entrepreneurs.
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App Masters

App Masters podcastSteve’s podcast has been around forever (in app terms) and he is the most prolific podcaster in the app world. He continually gets high-quality guests and has a knack for getting them to give him their best stuff.
I don’t know how he gets so many people to do a podcast interview, but Steve is a master networker and he works his magic to bring you the best app marketers, developers and startup executives.
With over 350 episodes, this podcast will keep you busy for a long time.
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App Business Podcast

The App Business PodcastChris and Andrew do a great job of give you the best up-to-date information on app development, app marketing and much more. Some recent topics that I have enjoyed are:

  • Celebrity games
  • Amazon Underground – A new way for developers to make money from their apps

Both Carter and myself have been on the show and they are great guys who really care about moving the mobile app industry forward.
If you want to learn about using Facebook ads to increase the number of downloads of your app, be sure to check out Andrew’s Facebook ads course. He has been able to get installs for as little as $0.15 per install.
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The App Guy Podcast

The App Guy Podcast with Paul Kemp
Paul Kemp has over 300 interviews on his podcast and he keeps it interesting by featuring some of his location independent adventures.
When I first contacted Paul, I was really surprised when he sent me a personalized welcome video.
This attention to detail is obvious in his podcast and he always delivers great educational information.
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Appintop – Mobile App Marketing

Appintop podcast
AppInTop is actually an app marketing SaaS that uses a podcast to market their product. I would actually love to see more companies use podcasting as a way to provide educational value to their potential customers.
But creating a quality podcast can take time and it is not always a high priority for a lot of companies. I hope that they keep it up because companies like this can give indie developers a lot of insight into what is working in their area of expertise.
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So those are the top five podcasts that you should listen to if you want to learn more about the app business. They can be a great way to leverage your commute or busy-work time.
If you are still hungry for more education, be sure to read these 10 books and join the Bluecloud Community. We also feature hand-selected courses inside Bluecloud University.
Did we miss anything? Let us know about any other awesome app related podcasts that you love to listen to…leave a comment below. 

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