BC8 – How to Get Mobile Traffic, Game Monetization and App User Retention with JP Sanday

jp-sandayThis is a super informative chat that I had with my buddy Jean-Paul Sanday, who is currently the VP of  Growth at Creative Live. You are probably wondering what an education website (which primarily deals with photography), has to do with mobile apps.
JP initially created a mobile ads company. Our conversation starts with how he built the company and what he learned from that experience.
After that, he went on to work at the game studio Kiwi. We get pretty deep into how he bought ads, the mistakes he made, how to get mobile traffic and how he measured his results.
Learn how JP would spend a $1,000 ad budget as an indie publisher and which ad platform he recommends using first. He will also reveal which analytics platform he used to make big budget advertising decisions.
This is an information-packed interview and I really appreciate JP sitting down to talk with me and being so generous with his time. Be sure to grab a notebook or open Evernote before you start listening to this episode because you will want implement the tips mentioned in this interview.

In This Episode

  • The first ah-ha moment that JP experienced at Kiwi
  • How to setup monetization loops within games
  • The “golden path to engagement”
  • Why you don’t have to be an expert to create a successful game
  • The integration of the viral loop in game promotion
  • How to scale to a $1 million per year app

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