How To Take Massive Action – A Case Study

Something happened in our Bluecloud Select group that really caught my eye.
One of our members asked for some feedback on his app. He had a unique concept and theme, but wasn’t getting any downloads. Our community is all about supporting each other so I gave him my two cents.
Here’s a screenshot of the conversation:
You can see my feedback here:
I am certainly not here to show you that I am smart or anything like that, but I am here to show you what Tim did about this:

Tim took action.

Not only that, he did it in record time! It wasn’t agonizing and it didn’t seem difficult. He just did it…and potentially opened himself up to a whole new level of business.
Funny how that works.
This past Saturday night I re-watched this video of Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins.
The premise: Frank and John are frustrated because so many people who purchase their courses fail to take action on them. Customers spend thousands of dollars on these products…and don’t even take the first step.
I think the exact figure they mention is 28% (the number of people who actually take the courses).
That’s staggering.
Frank and John decided to go ask the Guru of Go himself (Tony Robbins) his opinion on why this was happening. The conversation is nothing short of mind blowing.

While I strongly encourage anyone out there to watch this video, here’s the Cliff’s Notes:

  • When it comes to taking action, the only word that matters is CERTAINTY.
  • People will fail to take action because they:
    • Don’t believe it’s going to work for them (i.e. fear of failure)
    • Have no certainty that this is the right move
    • Aren’t in a position where they absolutely have to
  • The core cycle of this is: Potential -> Action -> Results -> Belief- The only way to make that cycle perpetuate is to control the belief system
  • Because most people aren’t in a “gun to your head” situation, visualization is the most sure fire way to change your beliefs

Even more summarized – people don’t take action because they don’t have a clear vision of what success looks like.

Think about this:
If you KNEW, with complete certainty that any product or course would get you the results you wanted, would you still be apprehensive? If you knew that taking a course on B2B apps would actually make you money, would you still stop? How about selling products on Amazon? Or reskinning apps?
If you KNEW you were going to have a winning outcome, would anything EVER stop you?
The answer is no.
Hesitation would be replaced by excitement. You would believe in the positive outcome, which would lead to clear decisions, which would lead to massive action, which would get you massive results….which would fuel your beliefs even further.

The term “mindset” is thrown out a lot, but this is all you need to know. This is what it’s all about – creating this cycle of beliefs
If you are having a hard time getting started or even a hard time growing your app business, ask yourself how much time you spend visualizing the ideal outcome.
Want to sell your portfolio? What does that deal look like? What are the conversations like? What do you own that you can sell? What does it feel like?
One thing I did in August is go into my Vanguard account and screenshot the bank account numbers. I then loaded it into Photoshop where I promptly added a zero on the total amount. I printed that out and put it on my desk.
Every day I stare at that piece of paper. I burn it into my brain until I actually believe that I have the money.
4 months later and my brain starts to think that it’s already happened. I automatically think about projects each morning that are on a level that could add that Zero, not actions that could add 10%. I’m not interested in 10%. My brain doesn’t see 10%.
If you are having a hard time taking action, follow this monumentally powerful 3 step system…and do it daily:

  1. Write down the desired outcome of whatever project you’re working on right now. Let’s say you want to start B2B apps. Write down how many clients you have, what your website looks like, how many inbound emails you’re getting each day, how much you’re charging per client, how easily you deliver winning products. Write it ALL down and do it EVERY DAY.
  2. Take a screenshot of your bank account or investment account, then photoshop the numbers to reflect 12 months of massive cash flow. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use the “Inspect” function of chrome (right click on PC, control+click on webpage) to change the HTML in real time. The simple process of SEEING the new numbers in a place you’re so used to looking will change your perception immediately. This is a hugely powerful exercise.
  3. Write down 2 parts of the operation on an ongoing “operation chart”. Think of this as an app wireframe, but for your business. It is a visual illustration of how the whole thing works. Each day, if you add 2 pieces to this, you will be able to have the entire process crystal clear in a matter of days or weeks. Break it down to every possible step.Example: In B2B apps, after getting a new client to say YES, I will do the following: 1) email my developer with XYZ spec sheet filled out, 2) they will review and sign off, etc. Repeat this over and over until no question goes unturned.

Repeat. Every day.
Read The Slight Edge and FOLLOW THROUGH.
This is the most powerful tool that puts you on a trajectory of success or one of stagnation.
Tim did it. Hundreds of other Bluecloud Select members are doing it.
2016 is here – time to step it up. If you know someone who is on the brink of taking massive action, please share this post with them.


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