Putting In The Work – How To Build Your Business

Today’s post is going to be a little different (scroll down to watch video).
Instead of digging into the latest app development news or offering up tips on ASO and other app store monetization techniques, I wanted to take a moment to give you some recognition… And some motivation to build your business.
See, in this world of entrepreneurs and startups, it takes a certain tenacity and drive to be successful (whatever your definition of success may be), and if you’ve got that passion within you, I want to take a moment to say congratulations – and remind you to keep up the good work.
When you choose to run your own business, to go to work for yourself instead of working a job for someone else, you are deciding to control your own destiny, and well, not everyone has the wherewithal, the drive, or the vision to put in the work necessary to make their dreams come true.
If you do – more power to you!

The Office on Saturday?

Who would want to come to work on a beautiful weekend afternoon? Who would sacrifice part of their “free time” to write code, draft emails, follow up with leads, develop strategies, test marketing materials… And on and on? Who has that kind of motivation?
Leaders, that’s who.
And the thing is, it’s not even a hassle! When I come into the office on a quiet Saturday, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time or “stuck at work” – I feel like I’m building my future.
Seriously, I don’t even mind – and you shouldn’t either!
Even if it’s just a couple hours, every little bit counts – and it’s going above and beyond the regular “work week” that’s going to separate you from not only the average worker, but also your competition (trust that they’re working extra too…).
If I had a “normal” job, I probably wouldn’t come in on Saturday, but when you choose entrepreneurship, these are the kinds of decisions you make.

Look Behind The Results

If you’re studying business, following successful entrepreneurs on social media, etc., you likely see all kinds of “results.”
That is, big product launches, success stories, pictures of new cars and vacations, amazing trips around the world, and so on… But where does all of that really come from?
To be certain, no one’s going to just hand it to you. You have to put in the work.
Every one of those people you see is doing exactly what I’m talking about: coming in on Saturday, working a little extra each night, putting in longer hours and more effort than those around them, not just because that’s what it takes to build a business, but because they are passionate about it.
Even on days where there might be other things going on, when you’re exhausted, when you’d rather be doing something else… The single thing that is going to continue to make a difference is that you’re willing to get up, dust off those feelings of apathy or laziness, and commit to getting something done each and every day.
This is the pivot point, the approach that is going to allow you to take your life and business to the next level.
If you want to be what others can’t be, you have to be willing to do what others won’t.

Think About The Big Picture

A sense of purpose is one of the best motivators there is.
It doesn’t even have to be singular – you can have more than one purpose, and pursue them simultaneously.
Think about where you want your company to take you, what you want to accomplish, and why.
Do you want to travel more? Have more financial freedom? Spend more time with your family? These are all great reasons to put that extra effort in NOW, to go into the office for a few hours on Saturday, to spend another 30 minutes on a project even when you’re feeling stuck.
The work you put in now adds up to become your future.
What about your users and customers? Are you motivated by providing them with a service? Does it make you feel good to offer and engaging an entertaining product?
Well, every ounce of effort you put into your apps – and your business as a whole – is going to improve their overall experience.
Your work isn’t just improving your life, it’s improving theirs as well. You could be affecting literally thousands of people with your daily actions. Every little thing counts.
And how about the people you work with? Under your leadership, they too have a sense of purpose, a common goal to work toward that is inspired by your vision, and income provided by your company in the form of employment…
And yet, all of this is possible because YOU took the risk to start and build your business. YOU are ultimately the one who has to keep it moving forward.
It might not be the “cool” thing to do – to spend Saturdays in the office or suffer through a late night on the laptop – but it’s going to take you to the next level.
You have to tell yourself that it’s worth it, and even though you could be doing plenty of other things, THIS is what matters.
Even if you don’t want to in the moment, even if it doesn’t feel cool, even if it’s the smallest thing – just KEEP. DOING. STUFF.
By putting in the time and effort to build your business, you set yourself up to reap the benefits – to visit amazing places around the world, to buy that house, to gain that recognition, to make that big impact on your community, whatever it is that’s important to you.
It’s all about starting with the work.
Get something done every day, and good things are bound to happen.

If all of this sounds familiar, great! If it hits close to home and you’re already on this path, congratulations!
You are one of the few who has what it takes to take control of your destiny.
If you’re not quite there yet, now is the time! Rethink your purpose, your big picture, and make “extra effort” your new default setting.
See ya!


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