How To Make $23,000 In 4 Hours – Investing In Live Connections

It can be really hard to see the ROI on meeting people.
It’s a lot easier to sit at your desk or go on your phone and read another blog post. Or maybe watch another YouTube video. Or see who’s posted in the Bluecloud Facebook Group.
It’s cheaper and it’s easier. No question about it.
But, you may have noticed that in the last few months I have put a HUGE emphasis on making real world connections in business.
I started doing more podcast interviews and hosted the Bluecloud Hawaii Event, then launched the Amsterdam and San Francisco events.
These are all based around YOU…the community of Bluecloud. The people of Bluecloud.
You may ask yourself “but what am I going to learn at these events?” or “I don’t think it’s really worth paying $500 or $1,000 to go to the event” because you want to re-invest your money into something in your business.
That’s all fair, but I wanted to share a short story with you that may open your eyes.

Meet Shawn Mottley

Shawn has been doing apps for a few years now, learning from lots of teachers and being a part of Bluecloud from the start.
Shawn also has a full time job – apps are just a side project. They provide the passive income he uses to pay for things like vacations, ongoing education and general life expenses.
Incidentally, apps make just as much as his job does. NICE.
In 2014, Shawn joined my small Mastermind group. It wasn’t cheap ($10,000 entry) and there was a lot of accountability. The highlight was a group trip to Hawaii so we could do a deep dive on everyone’s business.
Over the course of two days, I learned all about Shawn’s gaming company. We worked on improving the mechanics to increase user retention and build a solid brand. Shawn took action and grew his business with the new knowledge.
But what people often forget is that I now had intimate knowledge of his business. I knew what games he had and what made them great. By spending hours working together, we forged a strong business relationship.

Shawn Joins Bluecloud Select

In 2015, Shawn joined our private community of Bluecloud Select. He’s been actively engaged in the Facebook group and continues to share lots of valuable information with the group.
Even with a full time job, he was able to spend time each week tweaking his apps, hiring new people and learning about making his business grow.
I saw him releasing new games into his portfolio which subconsciously updated my brain’s hard drive with new data of what he’s working on.
This continued all the way until this year when…

Shawn Attends The Bluecloud Hawaii Event

This past May, I saw Shawn again in person. It was awesome to see him (as it was with everyone else who came) and completely re-energized our connection.
The weekend went on and we all had a great time, learning about TONS of new strategies in the app store and ways to capitalize on this new gold rush.
Shawn took action immediately and fired one of his developers who was messing up his Facebook integration. In our exit interview, Shawn filled me in on how much he got out of the weekend and how he is making things happen for his games.
Everyone flew home fired up and inspired.

I Get A Random Facebook Message

Last week, out of the blue, I received a FB message from someone who needed to buy some source codes.
He was very specific with the types of games he needed. Unfortunately I did’t have what he’s looking for….
But I know Shawn does.
Because I’ve met Shawn, worked with him and saw him just a few months ago, he is the first person I think of.
Moreover, I know he will get this deal done. He has always added value first to the relationship and always taken action to achieve his goals.
I immediately send him a message and ask him if he’s interested, no strings attached.

Four Hours Later, Shawn Is $23,000 Richer

I add in my two cents of advice and put Shawn in touch with the buyer.
Four hours later, he sends me a message that he closed the deal for $23,000.
The kicker is that this isn’t even for the original apps – JUST the source code.
Those are some sick numbers. I hope Shawn buys some killer champagne this weekend 🙂

Real Life Connections = Business Connections

Business is a contact sport. There’s no getting around it. If you expect big things to happen, you MUST surround yourself with other people.
This story is absolutely not to pump up my ego about knowing ballers in the app space, it’s about sharing a story that sheds light onto a misconception so many people have.
Connections and meeting people is a long term play.
When you meet someone and you help them, there is a cosmic force that tilts in your favor.
When you do this online, it’s small to medium sized.
When you do it in person, it’s huge.
Humans fundamentally think about people they have in-person interactions with. Even if you talk to someone 8 hours a day on Facebook, 30 minutes with someone in a coffee shop will be more impactful.
That’s just how we are.

Make More Live Connections

If nothing else, I urge you to make more live connections. Don’t automatically assume the worst – that conferences are all about small talk and sitting in dark rooms and hearing sales pitches – assume that you’re getting an opportunity to massively tilt the scales in your favor.
When you meet people in person, you activate new parts of your brain and you solve problems you’ve had for years.
The ROI pays off more than anything else in business…but it takes a while to manifest.
That’s why I’m doing these live events. I want to create a community of people that all help each other rise to the top.
It’s so possible. It just requires a leap of faith and an investment in yourself.
If you would like to be a part of our events, you can sign up below:
Click here to sign up for the Bluecloud Amsterdam Event 
Click here to sign up for the Bluecloud San Francisco Summit
Rock & Roll,


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