Connecting Your Product To Celebrities With Billy Bones

Looking to partner with celebrities and top influencers?  Here are some tips and resources to help with introductions, closing the deal, and revenue splits.
Billy Bones is the founder of, a celebrity and influencer database that provides businesses with a gateway to connect with celebs on a multifaceted level.
His client list includes Uber, Moji’s, LiveNation, Adidas, Brooklyn Nets, Hilton Hotels, Virgin, and countless others who have successfully interacted with high profile influences via
Billy has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine, and
Meet top influencers

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Download On APp Store was created as a quick way to find booking information for celebrities and has evolved into a database of contacts and booking info.

How does Work?

There are two products offered:

Contacts Database: Provides contact information of agents, managers, and publicists of thousands of celebrities and influencers.

Click here to learn more about the Contacts Database

Celebrity Endorsement Database: Helps narrow down influencers to make sure it’s a good fit.  You can learn about a celebrity’s interests, charities and demographic info.

Click here to learn more about the Celebrity Endorsement Database

Revenue Split App Deals

The percentage of the split completely depends on the terms of the partnership and the extent the influencer will be involved.  That being said, 50/50 is the most popular revenue split for apps.
Bigger influencers like Kim Kardashian are going to take a higher revenue percent.

How to Pitch an Influencer

Money is what excites influencers and will close your deal.  Being able to prove that by pushing traffic they will earn money, puts the developer in a great position.
A lot of the influencers Billy has worked with have seen anywhere from a 0.5%-8% conversion rate when pushing apps.
You want to have as much information as possible about how your partnership will produce a profit and forecast what that profit might be.
Prove to the influencer that their brand is not the only thing pushing the app.  This includes the App Store marketplace, Facebook Ads, Press Releases…anything that shows the influencer other streams of exposure besides their own.

Popular Niches for Working With Influencers

Targetting high engagement niche markets is a great opportunity to partner with an influencer.
Health, fitness, and beauty are a few of the best niches to partner with an influencer.  Anything having to do with games is also a great strategy.

The Domino Effect

One things for sure… If you have a one successful project with an influencer, it can spread quickly and explode into dozens of partnerships and projects.
Because of their low cost and high branding ability, emoji apps are powerful projects that influencers are looking for and app developers are targeting.  The Kardashian Kimoji app is a perfect example and is still ranked in the top 50 of the App Store even months after it’s release.
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In this 60 minute session, you’ll hear:

  • How to find influencers and celebrities
  • What to expect when partnering with influencers
  • How to pitch influencers
  • Working with agencies
  • Emoji projects and celebrities

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