Using Vine Content Creators For Viral App Video Marketing

Any time you see displacement in a marketplace, opportunity is abound.
There is an inherent movement from one sector to another. This happens all the time in the financial world and is often when riches are made.
The same is true for the marketing world.

Last week Twitter shut down the popular video sharing service Vine leaving thousands of incredibly talented content creators with nowhere to go.
It also came to light that these content creators knew early on that they were bringing huge value to the platform…but they were making no money. This was a problem.
Someone could have 1M followers and they had limited options on how to monetize. What is a viral video guru to do? (side note: here’s that article all about how hard making money as a content creator can be)
Luckily, this means there is a big opportunity for YOU the app marketer.
Using Fortafy as an example, you can reach out to these Vine creators and get custom content for pennies on the dollar.
They make you incredible short videos for your social media accounts, you give them money or a cut of the success.
The reason this is such a good opportunity is because they REALLY need the money right now. $50 could get you a lot of viral video material.
While this isn’t exactly “free” for you to do, it’s buying at a discount. You’re getting Apple stock at 40% off. If you don’t see the value in either of those, you’ve got bigger issues than app monetization.
As mentioned, if anyone actually does this, please let me know and I’ll personally chat with you and help you out.
Do not underestimate the power of good video marketing for an app.
See ya!


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