How To Increase Your App Lifetime Value By Over 500% Using Email Marketing

A few years ago, all of us relied heavily on the app store for downloads.
Paid traffic simply wasn’t an option, harnessing the web was impossible to measure.
Now we have Facebook Ads and can purchase installs for (literally) pennies on the dollar. Awesome right?
Sort of.
This solves our customer acquisition costs but failed to address the other half of an ROI – the return.
What good is paid traffic if your app has a lifetime value of $0.05?
In this video I want to show you how you can leverage email marketing to dramatically increase your user lifetime value which will eventually make you ROI positive on your marketing spend.

What you need to know:

  1. The current app monetization strategy focuses on INTERNAL factors – advertisements, in-app purchases and subscriptions. Our best option of creating more revenue is to get people to re-engage with the app over and over or to get infinitely cheap installs.
  2. By creating revenue streams OUTSIDE the app, you create a new buying environment, one that is not beholden to the traditional app psychology.
  3. Collect emails from your users inside your app
  4. Send them into a highly valuable auto-responder series
  5. Sell them a high quality, targeted product
  6. Measure what works

If you do this enough, you’ll find that you get a conversion rate on your product sales that makes the complete marketing funnel profitable…something you never would have been able to achieve before.
Over the next 3-6 months I will be releasing more information + software around this process.
It’s a very powerful strategy that requires a mindset shift for any developer out there. But once you make it, you could be entering a whole new world of profits.
Talk soon,


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