The RIGHT WAY To Get App Reviews, Testers & Feedback

I get requests everyday to review apps.  Some I take seriously, some not.
Here’s why…
It takes a lot of time and energy to make a quality app.  If an app doesn’t reflect a certain level of quality, it won’t be taken seriously.  Secondly, most developers don’t know how to ask for an app review without sounding like a car salesman.
The best way to tighten up your project is to get feedback.  Keep reading to learn the RIGHT WAY to get people to review and share your app.

How To Get App Reviews

Nobody likes the guy at the party who starts pitching you within the first 30 seconds of introducing himself.
(Don’t be that guy...)
Getting people to test, review and share your app does take a small bit of effort, but the payout is priceless.
When asking someone to provide feedback, test, or review your app, make sure to:

  • Build a quality app – if you want serious feedback and reviews, make sure you are representing a serious product.  Before asking for help, make sure you test, TEST, test, and test even MORE.  Impress us!
  • Be personable – developing apps is also about developing relationships.  To get the best testers, reviews, and feedback, make sure someone knows who you are beforehand (if you can sit down with someone in person, even better!).
  • Ask for honest feedback – asking someone to leave a fake or 5 star review will hurt your app.  People are more inclined to help if they know you will take their review seriously and use it to improve your app.
  • Be specific – simply asking someone to review your app won’t get the job done.  Ask direct questions about your app’s navigation, marketing, user interface, monetization, experience, etc.
  • Ask for shares – AFTER someone has tested or reviewed your app, ask them if they can introduce you to someone else who can help take your app to the next level.
  • Most importantly, provide value – offer something in return for testing or reviewing your app.  Help them with their screenshots, design, ad campaigns…ANYTHING you can do to offer something in return.

Here’s an example of the WRONG WAY to ask for help:
Here’s an example of the RIGHT WAY to ask someone for help:
The biggest life hack is to help others.  By offering your services first, you will get 10X the value in return.

How To Get App Reviews, Testers, & Feedback

If you have an app or build that isn’t yet published to the App Store, you can still get it in the hands of others.  Here’s how:

1. Send A TestFlight build

TestFlight is an easy service that allows you to send a build of your app to anyone with an Apple ID.  It’s a perfect way to get someone your app if it isn’t live on the App Store yet.  You can send builds through the TestFlight app or directly through an email.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like when you send someone a TestFlight build:


Done and done!

2. Application Archive File

An application archive file is an exported file of your app.  This file can be imported to a media library (like iTunes) and added to your device.  The typical format for Apple devices is .ipa, and .apk for Android devices.

3. Record A Screencast

This is the easiest way to share your work in progress.  You can record your computer screen if you are using a simulator to run your app, or record straight from your device’s screen.  QuickTime is an easy (and free) tool you can use to record your phone screen as long as your device is connected to your computer.

If your app is already live in the App Store, you can get reviews by:

  • Asking someone in person (seriously the best strategy ever)
  • Sending a link to your app via text, email, Facebook…
  • Prompting a review popup in the app
  • Sending out promo codes

The Big Takeaway…

There are thousands of people ready and available to review, test, and provide feedback for your app.  The more people you have review your app, the:

  1. Better it will look
  2. Better it will sound
  3. Better it will play
  4. and the more fun it will be

If you change your mindset from asking for help to actually helping others – you will get better feedback and more reviews than you ever imagined.


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