The 3 Step System For Winning Facebook Video Ads

Today, I’d like to share with you a 3-part system that will help you make effective video ads to get cheaper and better installs for your apps.

1. Have some sort of pattern interrupt to get people’s attention

The first 3-5 seconds of the video is crucial. Make the first few seconds pop to get the viewer’s attention. It could be something simple as someone doing a selfie video in a crazy place, some text flashing, or maybe a sort of an explosion! Make it something that would get the video to jump out at the viewers, to make them stop scrolling and watch the video.

2. Demonstrate or educate

This is the most important in terms of conversion. For apps, you usually demonstrate. You do a Screenflow of the app being played. You show what the app is all about, how you use it, how much fun you can have, and what you can get out of it.
Another thing you can do is educate people. For example, if you have a meditation app, you can explain the benefits of meditation, tell the facts about meditation that you didn’t know about before, or how easy it is to meditate. You can do this for any app.
By doing one of these two things, or both, people will get value out of the advertisement itself. They will watch the video and the chances of them clicking and installing the app go up considerably.

3. Call to action

This is something that people often forget. You need to tell people what to do next. In your videos, you need to say: “Go and install this app right now.” You don’t need to be literally saying it. You can display the text, or have a big button on the screen showing your call to action.
These 3 steps are consistently the most important pieces for creating a successful Facebook video ad. In terms of what to put in there, it comes down to your individual app. And more importantly, it also comes down to testing a few different things. Testing is the only way to get the results you want.
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