Making Decisions – Should You Stop vs Should You Start

As you start any new project, you subconsciously ask yourself one of two questions
1. What should I do next?
2. Is what I’m doing the right thing to do?
These may seem the same but they are actually very different.
In this video, I explain why:

Here’s what you need to know:

  • We all approach new projects with mindset on how it’s going to work out. Most of the time we’re worried it’s not going to work, less often we start working and figure it out later.
  • When you’re at a “low” point, you start looking for the permission slips. What’s the latest hack? What’s the trick? What’s the exact, step by step path I need to take to get winning results? This is what the mind does when it’s on defense because the idea of trying + failing is too painful for the brain to handle.
  • When you’re at a “high” point, you start looking for results. What can I try next? How fast can I get this done? Who can I talk to in the next 12 hours that I could collaborate with? This is the mind free of pain, constantly pushing forward to create something new + great.
  • The sooner you move away from seeking out the “right” information to make your decisions for you, the sooner you will find the progress (and results) you’re looking for.

In the app business, there will always be new tricks and new tactics. We share a lot of them in the Bluecloud Select facebook group.
But tricks breed a defensive mentality. Why would you ever try the “hard” fundamentals when you can wait for the “easy” trick?
It’s a tough cycle to break, but you must fight it.
Every day, ask yourself one question:
“Am I seeking decisions or am I seeking course correction?”
If you seek out decisions (the world deciding your fate), you’ll always be plagued by the ups and downs. You’re ASKING first and DOING second.
If you seek out course correction (you deciding your fate), you’ll create a winning path that compounds each day…because you are DOING first and ASKING second.
Work will work when nothing else will work.

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