How This Hustler Is Making Millions and Impacting Billions

Before he sat down for his first class in college, Dan Novaes had already built a $2M business online.
By the time he was 25, he was making millions more in the app business.
His latest project deployed  a marketing strategy that was so effective the company needed to separate the app in order to calculate all the revenue correctly.
At 28 years old, Dan in well on his way to impact one billion people and change the world as only he can.
It’s rare to find entrepreneur like Dan in today’s world.
Typically, we only find the people figuring out the latest crazy hacks if we’re deep inside private forums.
Conversely, we only see the million dollar success stories on the cover of
To find someone who has achieved both…and is willing to share his story is a true gift.
In this podcast you will hear some of the most aggressive and successful marketing strategies that have ever been used on the internet.
Dan and I do plenty of swearing and plenty of real talk – the kind of raw conversations you’d expect to sit in on when two OG marketers get together.
You’ll also get a taste of the kind of energy that’s synonymous with big success – charisma, focus and purpose.

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • How Dan went from minimum wage to $30,000 in 5 months as a 15 year old (while working a few hours a week): 3:50
  • How he scaled arbitrage to larger markets: 9:15
  • The different types of entrepreneurs: 14:40
  • The crucial conversation Dan had with himself about his legacy: 18:10
  • How his app business got start (crazy story): 18:55
  • His first huge app success: 23:45
  • Why people do blackhat marketing: 31:20
  • The birth of influencer marketing: 34:20
  • How Dan saw a huge app opportunity, raised money and capitalized: 42:16
  • How he built a content marketing site to aggregate 120,000,000 page views a month that translated to content: 47:00
  • How to hack the influencer marketing world: 50:25
  • Building something great vs chasing opportunities: 56:45
  • Impacting 1 billion people: 59:20

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