How Long Does It Take To Make An Emoji App?

Today I want to talk to you about how long it actually takes to make an emoji app (without any experience).

One of the biggest questions we get from people wanting to make an app, once they see how good this opportunity is, is how long is it going to take me to actually get an emoji app in the store?
The answer is: about two weeks. If it takes more than two weeks, then you’re making it way too complicated.
Here’s the key: looking in your emoji apps, there’s going to be anywhere from 50 – 150 emojis stickers in there that you’re going to have the developer and designer make.  

6 Weeks for an Emoji App?

What a lot of people get hung up on is that they try to do everything upfront. They hire the developer or the designer, and they ask for 80 stickers to get done, perfectly designed. But then the developer says, “It’s going to take us 6 weeks to do that.” And most people will say, “Okay, cool, that’s fine” and that’s it.

Just Do The Minimum Required

But there’s a better way to do this. It’s so much easier to do it faster. Do lean startup. What you do is, instead of asking them to make 80 at once, you do the minimum required just to get the app in the store. Anywhere from 20 to 30 is really all you need to get an emoji app in the store.
So you go to your developer or designer and tell them that you only want 25 of these stickers done. As part of the course, we give you the template, and you hand it over to them and tell them what the 25 emojis you want done. Then you give them the exact designs, images, style, market and themes, and everything. And the developer says, “Oh, 25 of these? I can get this done for you in 10 days (or 2 weeks).” And they deliver it, they change the icon, the graphics, upload it for you, and you’re good to go.  
A lot of people get hung up on trying to make this amazing, beautiful, huge thing, instead of realizing “What’s the smallest app I can make? What’s the easiest, least expensive and fastest thing that I can get in the store and start testing?” See how the market responds. If I can run a couple of Facebook ads to it, if I can get some organic traffic to it. By then you only spent a couple hundred bucks, taken you only two weeks and you’re in the store. You didn’t make this huge investment, didn’t wait for months on end.

An Emoji App in 2 Weeks

If you are thinking about building an app, or you want to make an app business, emojis are the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get into the app business right now.
And if someone quotes you 6 – 8 weeks, realize that you shouldn’t be doing that the first time out. You should be getting less emojis, maybe 20 – 30, get it done in 2 weeks for a couple of hundred bucks, and get it in the store and start marketing it to make sure that you’re seeing a return before you make a bigger investment. All those other emojis, those can just be updates that you can do later on.
When it comes to how long does it take to make an emoji app, it’s really about 2 weeks. Anyone telling you longer than that, you need to either make your project smaller or  you need to go find somebody who can get it done, because it’s possible.
So just get the app in the store, see what the market says, and then update accordingly. Let the data be your decision-maker.
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