Should Beginners Start By Reskinning Apps?

Today I want to talk to you about whether or not you should start by reskinning apps or if you should start by building apps from scratch.
Reskinning means taking a template and applying new graphics to it, instead of trying to build something from the ground up.

What’s A Good Business Model to Get Started In the App Business?

What a lot of people have realized is that doing this in itself is no longer a viable business model. You can’t expect to just take templates, put new graphics on and make money.
Still, it’s an appealing business model for some. And they’re asking: “Is this a good way just to get started? If I just wanted to get into the app business, should I just try reskinning an app, or should I really just go into these subscription models or try to do some stuff with Facebook Ads. What business model should I get started with?”
What I would tell you is that definitely get started by reskinning a template.
Going through the process of making an app is everything. If you can do that one thing, to just get an app in the store, the chances of you succeeding and building a business, and making real passive income go up exponentially.

Building An App From Scratch vs Getting A Template

For most people out there, it’s a lot harder to build something from scratch. It’s a lot more expensive and it takes way longer to build something from scratch than to get a template, do some research on a particular niche market or category, create some new graphics for that, and then publish that app.

Get That App in the Store

But just getting that app in the store so that you’ve gone through the process once, that is the name of the game in the app business. People think that you’ve got to knock it out of the park the first time, especially if you need to start making money fast. While it can happen, the chances of that happening are pretty low, as they are in any business. And so the best thing you can do, if you want to be around for 6 months and build something that actually grows, the more times you can put an app in the store and go through the process, the greater your chances are of that app becoming a real winner over the long term.
So if you’re thinking about getting into the app business, I’ll definitely recommend reskinning a template.
And the key, like I said, is you can’t put expectations on the marketing or on the monetization. It’s not going to pay your mortgage next month. But, it will put you in a position to start building new apps, using new templates, doing new market research in a way that will lead to results that you want. You will get more downloads, you will start making money, if you start following this system. But you’ve got to have that experience of going through it once.
So, whatever it takes to get people to get one app in the store, do it. Reskinning is the easiest, fastest, cheapest way to do it. Because once you get one app in the store that’s when things start to actually happen.
We offer some templates at Bluecloud. Use some of our templates or go get a template for $5 on some marketplace. I truly just want more people to put one app in the store. So that when you do your next project and your project after that, they start to be successful.
You can use our strategies, you can join our community, you can meet the people who’ll help you make that a reality. But you just got to get that first app into the store.
See ya!

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