6 Ways to Dominate iOS11 Before Anyone Else

The new App Store is HERE accompanied by iOS 11 and the iPhone X.  This wave of fresh energy marks a new starting point for all of us to maximize our potential and reach our dreams.

If you’re like me, you want to jump in and be the first to capitalize on these new opportunities and hot trends.

But before you launch your revolutionary app idea, make sure you’re fully prepared.

The biggest mistake people make during any market change is – trying to predict what will happen.

Strategizing what you think is going to be the next hit app is a great way to waste a lot of time.

The only thing that really matters is – what people download.

Keep reading to learn how to identify hot new trends for the iOS 11 update, and how to react (the fun part).

Identifying Hot New Trends for iOS 11


That Credit Card…


Before you pay a developer to build your FaceID or VR app, you need to prove this is something people will download.

Proof is not your best friend telling you how amazing your Animoji app idea is after your second pitcher of beer or assuming developing a clone Talking Tom app for parrot enthusiasts will be an easy win.


The #1 thing you can do to prove your app idea will make it rain in the App Store is to build relationships with your target demographic.  That means joining FB groups, attending physical events, and stopping everyone on the street that matches your target demo to pick their brain about what they need and would pay for.
Things I ask people:
“What apps are you using?”
“What do you wish was out there?”
“Would you pay for that?”
“What else can I help with?”
“Can I have your email?”
Market research is complete when you know:

  1. WHO your users are
  2. WHERE they are
  3. and HOW you’re going to convert them into a customer

I’ll be the first to admit that Market Research SUCKS!  It’s boring, takes time, and it’s difficult to outsource.
This is the work that no one else wants to do.  
This is what separates an app idea that could work, to having an app strategy that will work.

How to React to Proven Trends

Once you’ve identified and have proof of emerging trends, it’s time to react.

Timing can be everything.  You need to be fast.  Here’s how:
STEP 1: Create goals and deadlines.  List your goals and set hard dates for when your app will hit the App Store.
STEP 2: Be fast to develop.  Have a development team that is available and can develop quality products.
STEP 3: Test and optimize. Plan for the unexpected and unknown.
STEP 4: Have users ready to download.  Have a delivery method ready through content curation and/or paid traffic campaigns.
STEP 5: Get it out there already! Don’t wait for perfection, start small and get it in the hands of your users.

My Pick 6 Hot Opportunities for the iOS 11 Update

Here is a list of hot app categories and app opportunities I have on my radar:

  1. Navigation
  2. Education
  3. Animoji (short-term fun opportunity; tech is awesome)
  4. AR/VR (longterm lucrative opportunity)
  5. FaceID (TBD how much we can use it to our advantage, how much access we have, and how useful users find it)
  6. Photo/Video (new camera and editing capabilities)

I love these opportunities for the next year or two, but they are only my picks. Just looking at the App Store categories right now, any of these could do really well.

Work On What Energizes You

Money is a commodity we all need to survive. But don’t forget to have fun.  Work on what energizes you.

As with every big Apple update, it will take time to get acclimated, observe new projects, and measure the risks.  Focus on your best idea and shoot for the moon!

See ya,


PS: Share your thoughts on the new App Store, iOS 11, and the iPhone X in the comments section below.


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