Increase Your App Traffic, Conversion Rate And In App Purchase Revenue With New “Smart” Links

Are you still using dumb-links?
What if you could generate one universal link for your app that can do everything hundreds of dumb-links do + a lot more?

Introducing Smart-links.

“Smart-links” autodetect your user’s platform/device and autodetects your user’s installed apps so you navigate them to exactly where they need to go.
All with one link.

Keep reading to learn how you can multiply your app downloads AND make users happy with 1 simple (free) move.

What is a “Dumb-link?”

A “dumb-link” is an organic URL with 1 function.  It takes you from Point A to Point B.

  • App Store dumb-link:
  • Google Play Store dumb-link:
  • App Landing Page dumb-link:

etc, etc, etc…
So many links!
But why are dumb-links hurting your app’s discovery?
Here’s a common scenario I see all the time that drives me insane:

Scenario: Facebook
Joe creates a Facebook App Page for his app and includes a link to the Apple App Store.
An Android user finds the FB page and clicks the “Use App” button redirecting them to the Apple App Store.


Hot lead gets frustrated and is gone forever.

No more!
Do not lose your customers to dumb-links.
Here’s the solution, and it’s free 🙂
Start using Smart-links.

What is a Smart-Link?

“Smart-links” autodetect your user’s device and installed apps so they go directly where they need to with one link.
For app developers, smart-links are especially important to:

  1. Send Apple devices and Android devices to the correct App Store using 1 URL
  2. Redirect desktop devices to a specific URL, like an app landing page
  3. Create Deep Links so user’s can be directed to specific areas of your app (ex: a travel app deep-linking to a special offer for a European trip)

Smart-links are the perfect solution for redirecting app traffic on webpages, Social Media accounts, email blasts, and much more.
Example of a Smart-link:
Here’s what happens when someone clicks the link above:

  • iPhone/iPad user sent to:
  • Android user sent to:
  • Desktop user sent to:

If an app is already installed on a device, Smart-links can automatically send user’s to open the app itself or to the app’s landing page. If an app is not installed, Smart-links can send the user to the proper App Store so the user can easily download the app.
You can even create a deep-link that goes to a custom area in your app (think of a travel app running a promo that sends people straight to a Europe Getaway Package).
One smart link to rule them all!

How to Create Smart-Links

The best part about Smart-links is there are multiple free tools you can use that require zero coding.  Create a universal link to your app’s iOS and Android app pages in seconds.
There are multiple services, but the tool I use is OneLink™ by Appsflyer (we have no affiliation to Appsflyer).

OneLink™ is a single, unique tracking link – capable of recognizing your mobile device and redirecting users to either Google Play or iTunes – Appsflyer

To create a smart-link for your app using OneLink™, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Integration – Enable deeplink in your app and integrate the AppsFlyer SDK. (optional; only if you want to track installs)
  2. Set up – Configure it using the AppsFlyer dashboard.
  3. Link Generation – Generate the link quickly and easily.

That’s it!
Now you’ve got the only link you’ll ever need!

Universal Accessibility and Compatibility

Start directing your app traffic to where users need to go with smart-links.
With zero code work, send customers to the right App Store, to your app’s landing page, or in the app itself.
Using universal links will increase your app’s page views, conversion ratesessions and IAPs.
Smart-links also offer advanced features including tracking where your users came from so you can focus your marketing efforts on the right channels.
Maximize your app’s discovery and create a smart-link today using tools like OneLink™ by Appsflyer.
Happy linking!
PS: If you have a question or comment about universal linking, drop a comment and get a personal response from the Bluecloud Team!


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