Cryptocurrency Is The Hottest App Trend of 2017 + 4 Steps To Build Your Own

The recent spike in Bitcoin has erupted a huge need and demand for digital currency apps.
And there’s room for A LOT more cryptocurrency apps!
Manic digital currency enthusiasts are researching the next dip, needy first-time investors are looking for investment help, and crypto hobbyists are all scavenging for the latest and greatest digital currency apps.
The window of opportunity for cryptocurrency apps is as big as it gets.  And it’s happening RIGHT NOW!

Check out the screenshot below of just a few of the ranked Bitcoin apps + the latest trending searches on the App Store.
4/7 top searches RIGHT NOW are cryptocurrency related.
Here’s a list of app features cryptoids are looking for:

  • Tracking tools
  • Breaking news
  • Alerts
  • Merchant payments
  • Crypto mining
  • Entertainment/Games

Keep reading to learn why your next app should be a crypto app and the steps you need to take to get a high grossing crypto app published ASAP!

Why You Should Consider Developing A Digital Currency App

Here’s why you should develop a cryptocurrency app (and why it’s not too late):

  • Low competition and high demand.
  • Growing market with unlimited new users.
  • Niche compliant.
  • 24/7 market with intense user demand.
  • History of slow performing hosting platforms with frequent crashes forcing users to other apps (Coinbase has recorded up to 300k signups in just one day and has expeirenced 5-10M people at a time during peak trading – these numbers have caused the app to crash dozens of times).
  • Loads of resources to aggregate data from.

You do not need to be a Finance expert to develop a cryptocurrency app.  

In fact, your crypto app doesn’t even have to be in the Finance category.
Introducing Bitcoin games!
Bitcoin! The Game and Bitcoin Billionaire are 2 games based on classic mechanics that are ranked in the Games category (not to mention Cryptokitties which is crushing it on a whole different level of Blockchain Technology).

How To Spot The Best Crypto App-ortunities

App developers who will profit most from the cryptocurrency trend are those who get in first and create products that make life easier and better for Bitcoin investors.
Here are 4 steps you can take to capitalize on crypto apps:

STEP 1. Check the app charts regularly.

Open the App Store and check the top charts in the Finance category.

STEP 2. Look for surges in the market.

Use services like App Annie to track apps and how much they rise/fall in the App Store.

STEP 3. Find the gaps.

Browse the Finance category and look for Finance apps and services applicable to cryptocurrency that haven’t been developed yet.
Bitcoin already has dozens of established apps published, but the same isn’t true for other coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and dozens others.

STEP 4. Ask.

There are millions of people in online communities talking straight crypto 24/7.  Engage with people in online communities, forums, and social media groups to find out what they need.

Next Steps…

Rallying off Bitcoin’s success on digital currency exchanges, cryptocurrency is expanding to the App Store.
NOW is the time to take advantage of the hottest app trend of 2017 (and maybe ever).

Cryptocurrency apps that will see the biggest downloads and revenue will take advantage of speed and access to content.

This explosive trend lives mostly in the US because of currency exchanges but the news and demand is spreading across US borders.
Even if you’re not interested in developing Finance apps, it’s crucial to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and ways to build a bigger business.
Capitalize on new opportunities and have an edge on the competition.
Let me know what you think!
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