The “Psychological Framework” I Use To Make Money-Generating Decisions

So you’ve invested thousands of hours and cash into your app idea or project…
And the worst possible thing happens – it bombs.
Panic sets in and interest levels go to an all-time low.
Is your app salvageable?
Is it time to give-up?
In this post, I’m going to share with you the “psychological framework” I use to make life-changing decisions in my businesses and life + the 5 steps I take to analyze and overcome roadblocks to make more money.

1. Trust Yourself & Breathe

“We can’t freakout, we gotta keep our composure!” – Will Ferrell; Old School

We’ve all made poor investments, been rocked by relationships, and witnessed our hard work get tossed out like last week’s leftovers.
It sucks.  But it happens to everyone.
The same beatings can be true for app development.
Every app developer has dealt with app rejections, finding the right developer, and throwing cash and time into projects that continue to get ZERO downloads.
When you create an app and it tanks, you lose a lot. You lose:
But you also gain.  You gain something that cannot be bought.
You gain – Experience.
And as much as it sucks to have to pay for experience and life lessons, they will fuel you moving forward.
The truth is…

App development is 95% business and 5% fun.

Unless you get a rush from programming or answering support emails, making apps is not fun unless you’re making money.
Newbies in the app field learn real quick that apps are not a get rich quick scheme.  There are roadblocks you must pass through to reach the buckets of money.
But the secret is…

  1. Most roadblocks are easily achievable
  2. Every roadblock you face results in more and more of your competition quitting

Trust yourself. And trust that you will find a way to succeed.

2. Define The “Why”

Relationships change, opinions change, and your interest in your app projects change too.
But why?
When you’re feeling completely defeated and that it’s time to give-up, ask yourself:

WHY am I not interested in this project anymore?

Is it because it’s not getting enough downloads?
Is it because another project has taken priority?
Or because I don’t have enough time to work on it…
Make a list of all the reasons WHY this project has lost interest for you.

3. Stoke The Fire

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
This is the step most people don’t crystallize.

What does success look like to you?

What would it take for your project to be successful and for you to be undoubtably fired up about it?
Is it a financial goal?
Is it a product goal?
Fill in the blank:

If my project was _________, I would be fired up and wakeup feeling energized, eager, and happy every morning.

Next, what are the measurables you can analyze that will point to the area and milestones you need to reach that success?
Lastly, list the positives and negatives of the project you are working on.
Once you have defined your measurables, and assessed the positives and negatives of each project, you will start to naturally move towards the project with the most positive attributes and achievable goals.

4. Partner Up

We all have strengths and weaknesses.
It’s OK to want to just focus on the creation side of app development and not get involved in the marketing side.
There are also ENDLESS amounts of people out there who are looking for products and apps to promote, but want nothing to do with the creation and development side of things.
If you believe in your project and things aren’t working out as expected, identify where you need help and find someone who can fill in the gaps.

5. What Is Success To You?

Everyone has different goals and tolerances.
Whenever it comes down to, “how do I know if I should keep going or not?”
Ask yourself, “what do I want this to be?  What is the goal here?”
What is your definition of success?
Do you want to make a thousand dollars a month?
Do you want to make a MILLION dollars a year?
Write down:

  1. how much money you want your business to make
  2. when you want to make it by
  3. breakdown how the money will come in
  4. and set a date for when you need to achieve your goals

And if it doesn’t happen, move on.
You can do anything you want in life!
See ya,
PS: What psychological frameworks do you deploy to overcome roadblocks?  Drop a line in the comments section below.
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