Ted Nash is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the app space.  The way he approaches mobile ads, data science, and optimizing monetization to extend the lifetime value of customers, is mind-blowing. Ted is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating online companies from the age of 12. He setup his first online business, under his [...]

Looking for the latest ASO hacks?  In this post, the truth comes out about ASO and how to use it to create successful apps.  Get the REAL breakdown on ASO and getting traffic to your apps. Ryan Kelly is an ASO specialist and mobile marketing professional.  He currently does business development for Gummicube, a provider of App [...]

It can be really hard to see the ROI on meeting people. It's a lot easier to sit at your desk or go on your phone and read another blog post. Or maybe watch another YouTube video. Or see who's posted in the Bluecloud Facebook Group. It's cheaper and it's easier. No question about it. [...]

Should you make a video app preview? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) Well let's start off by defining what a video app preview is. A lot of people picture something like a 1 to 2 minute YoutTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook video, but that format is more about telling a story. It's more about branding [...]

What do you do when things get bad?  When you lose a job and get pushed into something where you have todo something different and new?  Meet Simon Crack.  Simon took a chance on something new to stay ahead of the curve and you won't believe what happened. Along with being a longtime Bluecloud member, Simon has been featured [...]

Say hello to Jonathan Georger.  Jon is an internet marketer and really good friend I met in Aspen, Colorado. Hear his story on taking a different path to reach success and being able to balance his love of the outdoors with his entrepreneurial business. Jon started out as an internet marketer and is now Co-Founder at Black Dog [...]

Is reskinning dead? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) I keep getting questions about this very important topic and I wanted to address it once and for all. First, let's lay out what reskinning is: it's concept of taking a template or source code of an app, repackaging the graphics, inserting them back into the original [...]

How do you get your app published? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) The answer involves getting a publisher for your app or game and discussing some strategies to make it a success. I had an important question recently that I'm going to kick off with: What are your top tips for releasing an app through a [...]

Should I get an office? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) This question is on the mind of almost every beginning or veteran entrepreneur. It's an important question that should never be taken lightly. But I've got a pretty definitive answer. Why do I come to the office and work, even on Saturdays? To start, having [...]

Everyone knows you can turn a profit selling your app, but you can make a lot more money with in-app purchases. (scroll to bottom to watch video!) We're talking all about the ways to make money with in-app purchases. This is not a new concept; in fact, the topic that comes up all the time. But [...]