In this app audit, we take a look at a Forex Trading app. We look at: - Demographic targeting - Customer avatar - Unique selling proposition - Engagement loops - Driving to subscriptions Download the app here: See ya, Carter TRANSCRIPT Yo, what's up guys? It's Carter in another day of audits. Sweet. I just [...]

Check out today's app audit! In this video I discuss: - Being clear about your customer - Cleaning up the description - Screenshot improvements - Pricing improvements - Content improvements - Much more! You can check out this app here: See ya! Carter TRANSCRIPT All right, what's going on, everybody? Carter here and we're doing [...]

Here's the latest app audit I did for one of out Bluecloud members.   You can download the app here: See ya! Carter TRANSCRIPT All right, everybody, I'm gonna do these app audits, as you saw in the Facebook group. Could see this post here, can already see some people starting to comment. A lot [...]

Hey guys - here's a new style of post that overviews a topic I've been getting a lot of questions about. Check it out! What's up ladies and gentlemen, this is Carter Thomas and I am doing a blog post video about market research versus keyword research. Now, very quickly, this is not a sales [...]

Anthony Hammond had a pretty good job in Australia, making decent money but he knew he wanted to get out on his own and build a digital business. After buying source code templates from Bluecloud Solutions and a consultation call with Carter, Anthony repurposed the advice he was given and created a successful business model flipping successful apps and selling them, along with training courses to people like himself guiding them through the process. Anthony has been able to double his income in a matter of 6-7 months to the tune of about $40-50k a month.

Carter sits down with colleague Ed Aten, which he is an investor for. Ed started his career in advertising, then built online social network for music on FB which he exited. Then built cop this (allowed people to share music) evolved into merch bar. Ed is a brilliant writer and DJ. Been featured on giga ohm, worked with red bull, constantly featured on high caliber publications. roles with a smart high caliber crowd.

Interested in learning about virtual reality apps? In this post, I interview Micael Amerson, an experienced game developer with over 7 million downloads on the app store. We talk about the rise of VR, the requirements for developing a VR game, converting existing apps to VR, and why this is such a perfect time for indie developers to jump into this new market. Michael also puts the goggles on to show us a first-person sneak peak of his new virtual reality app (it's pretty dope).

Trey Smith is a legendary game developer with over 55,000,000 downloads, has been all over the top charts, featured in The New York Times, has built multiple 7-figure companies, and is the creator of Buildbox, the indie drag and drop game making software that has changed app development forever. In this post, Trey and I talk about Apps, gaming, Buildbox, and creating top tier products while sustaining a balanced life.

After 6 months of development, has released their app which is projected to boost their customer experience and produce revenue. Learn how the app was developed and the 7 steps used to market the app.

Learn how to work with celebrities and influencers. Billy Bones is the founder of, a celebrity and influencer database that provides businesses with a gateway to connect with celebs on a multifaceted level. His mission is to help businesses work with celebrities.