I'm about to head out to Hawaii for our annual Bluecloud Live Event. YES. Before I go, I wanted to share something that's been on my mind. I thought about this on the way to work today and edited this when I got to the office. As business owners and entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility. [...]

How do free apps make money? (scroll to bottom to watch video!) This important question can be answered in a quick and easy breakdown. The hard work is, of course, up to you. The great news is that the work itself really isn't that hard. Of all the myriad ways of making money with an [...]

  Generating income from apps happens in essentially two ways: ad revenue and in app purchases (IAP). For app developers of all stripes, whether they've got one big hit app or a smorgasbord of free games throughout the app store, the money they earn is generally coming from one (or both) of those two places. [...]

If you're considering developing an app (or if you have an app already), reviews are your bread and butter. Why? Glad you asked! To start, apps with a high review volume are indexed higher on the app store.  Meaning, the more reviews your app gets -> the greater the exposure. The second reason reviews are so vital, is because they will tell [...]

Here's an email I got from a Bluecloud student this week: Hello Carter,  My name is Anonymous Student and I recently joined your Bluecloud community. I'll try to keep this story short, but today I traveled from XYZ, to San Francisco to present an App idea to you. I went to the Twitter building first, then galvanized, [...]

Congratulations! If you're this far, that means you've gone through a majority of the sales and marketing process for B2B apps. Now you're going to fulfill your orders and make your customers wildly happy. This is the heart of a truly successful business. It's so easy as marketers to focus on NEW leads and NEW [...]

Stories like this come around once every few years. Meet David Reichelt. David is the mobile game developer behind Color Switch, one of the most popular games in the history of the app store and has ranked #1 for over 40 days total and has been downloaded over 30 Million times in 2.5 months. David [...]

Yes - party time. In this post we are going to talk about my favorite part of business - closing the deal. This can also be the hardest and most adrenaline filled stage of the game, so I want to make sure it's easy to understand and formulaic. It honestly is not that bad. And [...]

85% of people aged 18 to 24 own a smartphone. They have money, they have phones, and they spend over 37 hours a month using apps. What else could a developer ask for?!?!? Check out these 5 tips to learn how to capture the BIGGEST mobile audience.

This is a question we get very often at Bluecloud. It's important to clarify the answer to this AND the eCPM behind this (earnings per thousand impressions). The short answer: there isn't any "best mobile ad network" out there the same way there isn't any "best dating app" for someone. What you should be really [...]