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Just one of the memories you'll have after the Bluecloud Hawaii 2017 Live Event

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii | April 15-16, 2017

Limited seats remaining


Attend lectures, hands-on workshops and get powerful insights on your projects and businesses. You will also learn first-hand what NEW strategies and systems Bluecloud's ambassador, Carter Thomas, is using to make explosive moves in today's competitive market.

After hosting 3 major app events in 2016, we've cracked the code on how to get business breakthroughs for people just like you. 

It comes down to our three part "ETC" formula:

  • Elite - get the best of the best in our industry to show you the million dollar case studies you can't find on TechCrunch
  • Trust - create an environment of cooperation and growth. There are no "rip off artists" at these events like you see at so many other lame corporate seminars.
  • Community - you leave with a PLAN and a CREW. This is no longer an "every person for themselves" business. We are here to help you succeed.

By securing your spot at this event, you'll experience the lost art of blending lifestyle, work and hardcore business strategies.

How many people do you know that have breakthroughs by sitting in a dark conference room? Talking to mediocre people? Not many.

We created this Bluecloud Hawaii event for you, the entrepreneur who's sick of being underwhelmed by live events, who's sick of waking up and seeing another year go by with no real change.

This is your chance to make it a reality.

We supply the sunsets, the millionaires and the ocean breeze. 

You supply the desire to be better.

These ticket prices WILL go up!

Have you ever wondered where all the "smart" marketers are hanging out?

You know - the guys who don't say anything in Facebook groups but who are the ones making all the money.

What would happen if you got 20 minutes of their time? Or 2 hours? Or shared a double mai tai??

Now's your chance.



Join us at the bluecloud Hawaii live event to educate and inspire the greatest app entrepreneurs in the world

  • day 1

  • day 2

Saturday, April 16

  • 8am - 9am: Registration at Hawaii Room (*plenty of coffee)

  • 9am - 12pm: Welcome, speakers, mastermind sessions

  • 12pm - 1:30pm: Lunch (provided)

  • 1:30pm - 5pm: Speakers, networking, activities

  • 5pm - 6:00pm: Group Lawn Photo and cocktails

  • 6:00pm - 9:30pm: Hawaiian Luau - Local Hawaiian chefs preparing fresh fish and full dinner for us outside as the sun sets

  • 9:30pm - evening: Connect with other entreprenuers at the open areas in the resort or out by the pool and have a great time!

Sunday, April 16

  • 7am - 8am: Beach run to historic lava field (optional)

  • 8am - 9am: Registration at Hawaii Room

  • 9am - 12am: Speakers, mastermind sessions

  • 12am - 1:30pm: Lunch (provided)

  • 1:30pm - 5pm: Speakers, networking, activities

  • 5pm - 7:30pm: Sunset cocktail at the pool

  • 7:30pm - evening: Enjoy one of the most beautiful views in Hawaii!

** Hours are subject to change. Please check back for updates.



Ticket prices will go up as soon as we hit our next block of seat reservations.


  • One ticket to the 2nd annual Bluecloud Hawaii event in - Oahu, HI - April 15th - 16th 2017.
  • Expert Keynotes and case study sessions designed around specific, ACTIONABLE topics
  • 2 FULL Days of meetings and learning from app developers and entrepreneurs who flew in from all over the world to hang out and help you.
  • Access to the ENTIRE Turtle Bay Resort along with free lunches, and an authentic luau dinner.

Turtle Bay Resort

Our April event will be held at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of beautiful Oahu, Hawaii.

57-091 Kamehameha Highway Kahuku, HI 96731 808-293-6000


“ I booked a cottage within this resort and it was worth it. The resort itself was amazing, the staff was very kind and helpful, the food was excellent, and there was a ton of things to keep us occupied. The resort has multiple restaurants, all of which were amazing. The resort has a spa, golf course, pool with hot tubs, and a large stretch of hidden beach. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting the north shore."

 - Larissa M.


Join us at the bluecloud Hawaii live event to educate and inspire the greatest app entrepreneurs in the world




Price per person - $699

  • App Business Strength 2.0 Full Execution Plan Buildout During Event

  • Presentations on what's working right now in the app industry

  • Friday night cocktail hour

  • Access to all event videos & resources

  • 2 Full Days of Event

  • Strategy sessions with our Team

  • Catered lunches

  • Authenic Hawaiian Luau

Price per person - $1,400


If you want to get the complete VIP Bluecloud & Hawaii experience, we are offering an exclusive two day program before the main weekend event.


  • Optimize all aspects of your health - fitness, diet, morning routines and progress

  • Physical as well as mental

  • Get a clear plan & accountability to get results


  • Deep dive on your app or online business

  • Hot Seats - each person presents & gets feedback to skyrocket their business

  • The "10x Wealth" Strategy for 2017+ (Tax, corporate, investment, growth) with clear action items


  • Adventures around Turtle Bay and the island of Oahu

  • Build relationships outside the walls of business

  • Experience long lasting memories


  • Leadership training and planning

  • Identifying your highest value contribution

  • Committing to following through and improving this world


If Carter was to charge $10,000 for this event next year, I'd probably still pay that.




I'm 100% serious...I had the most amazing weekend ever.





1. What can I expect at this event?

You can expect to meet new friends, make new connections and learn from some of the top app entrepreneurs in the world.

They're flying from all over the world to meet for one weekend and share all their top information with you.

We're not cramming bodies into some stuffy conference room...This year the Bluecloud Hawaii event will be hosted in a spacious ballroom with lots of windows looking out to scenic ocean views.

This is a small workshop focused weekend. We want you to have time to work through the issues you are having with people that can make a massive impact.

Our goal is simple: deliver the highest level of lasting impact to everyone who joins us.


2. I don't have any apps. Will I still get value from this?

Absolutely! You're in the right place - you'll be hard pressed to find ANY other event with so many experienced app developers eager to meet and help you. Our events always follow the same theme - relentlessly help others.

It's hard to meet other app entrepreneurs outside of Facebook. It's also extremely difficult to meet the top guys in the business in a way that they will openly share their close-to-the-chest secrets.

These are the people who you know exist...but you don't know how to reach. They're the people that you listen to on podcasts and say "Man, I just wish I could hang out and learn from them."

This is your chance.


3. Who is speaking at this event?

We already have verbal commitments from some of the top entrepreneurs in the app world but we are going to wait to release the names. The current list includes:

  • The owner of an influencer-driven publishing company (on track to do $100,000,000)
  • A self-made millionaire who's attempting to create a billion dollar app
  • A top super-affiliate marketer
  • Premier silicon valley entrepreneurs
  • And that's just the start.

Carter will also be giving 3 presentations on winning case studies and new software that will fundamentally change the game for many app developers. He'll also be giving Hawaii attendees "beta access" some of his latest, custom built SDKs.

All details will be released in the coming months!


4. Can you tell me more about the Bluecloud Experience package?

Yes. This premium package was put together with our top students in mind to maximize their business and time while in Hawaii.

2 full days BEFORE the event, we will dive into your business with individual business audits as well as do the 4-part "Rich Life" Audit. This is all about surrounding yourself with other top performers to reach the next level in your life.

You can expect to be pushed out of your comfort zone and also to reach new heights you could never get to on your own. This experience is about becoming the best version of yourself - we will not let anyone sell themselves short.

You will also receive knowledge and strategies never before taught to Bluecloud students including detailed wealth protection, health/productivity hacking and immersive education (re-wiring your brain while experiencing totally new emotions from the adventures we will be going on).

If you are concerned about being exhausted before the event weekend - it's quite the opposite. You will walk into the main event more fully charged than you've ever been. It will feel like you have a new super power that you can now share with the world.

Complete itinerary and details will be sent as soon as our final list has been established. Any questions can be emailed to


5. How do I get there? Where do I stay?

You will fly into the Honolulu International Airport. From there, we recommend renting a car, or you can schedule a shared van pickup with the Turtle Bay Resort.

After you purchase your tickets, we'll send you a link to get our group pricing on the hotel! NOTE: Please do not book your hotel rooms yet - we will be getting the group pricing link in appoximately 1 week with the best price for you.

You can stay longer if you're interested! Hawaii is a central location for many of our internationals entrepreneurs and we will have a good number of people staying beyond the event dates to work and continue to connect with others.

If you are looking for a way to save money on flights, check out Mastercard's Hawaiian Airlines offer (click here) You may be able to get a free ticket to Oahu!


6. Can I bring a guest if they don't want to attend the conference?

Yes. In fact, many people brought guests last year who didn't attend the conference but still wanted to join us for the luau.

Please email for rates on guests who don't want to attend the conference.


7. What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund up to 30 days before the event (March 13, 2017). We need to give them final catering numbers at that point which requires us to have our list as close to final as possible.


8. Honestly, I'm on the fence. This looks really cool but that's a long way to travel. And it's an investment for me. What's the #1 reason I should do this?

In a digital world, we forget that we are the average of the 5 people we spend time with the most. If we never give ourselves the chance to meet others in person, we'll never grow the way we could.

We all spend so much time listening to podcasts and reading books, desperately trying to gobble up knowledge from the best of the best in business.

The truth is, if you are not attending events, local meetups, or learning from will have a very hard time staying motivated and growing your business. As soon as you start meeting people in real life, you will see huge breakthroughs.

David Reichelt, developer of Color Switch, went from cleaning pools and having his truck reposessed to developing Color Switch and getting over 130,000,000 downloads in one year! As you hear in the video at the top of this page, he says, "You can question yourself and listen to everyone around you who are doing the same thing....or you can go off on that adventure because you don't know where it's going to lead. And for was life changing."

So just get your Event ticket, get yourself to Hawaii, and we’ll take care of everything else.

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