One of the biggest perks to purchasing the Bluecloud App Formula, is LIFETIME access to Bluecloud Select.  Bluecloud Select is our premiere community and houses app templates, 200+ searchable videos you can learn from, private Facebook group, mini courses, PDFs, app audits, and lots more.
And you get immediate access!  Follow the steps below to get access to Bluecloud Select and the private Facebook group.

Step 1:  Login to Bluecloud Select



Step 2:  Select Your Level


Bluecloud Select is customized to fit your app education level so we can deliver you the best information available.  We have beginner, intermediate, and advanced app developer levels.

  • Visit the Start Here page (also located under the Training tab)
  • Select your level
  • Watch the “Start Here” video and follow the instructions listed (this is very important in order to take full advantage of Bluecloud Select)


Step 3:  Join the Private Community


Our community is strong, one of the best in the industry. As a Member, you’ll have access to a huge group of people just like you – beginners, veterans, all located around the world and helping each other achieve more in the app business. The exclusivity allow people to share what’s working now to give members a leg up!

  • Click here to send a request, or copy and paste this URL:
  • Intro yourself.  We want to learn more about you!  Introduce yourself, your app experience, goals, and needs.  One of the most fun parts about being an entrepreneur, is growing relationships and learning about people across the globe.  Example:


  • Search.  To get the most out of the group (and before asking a question), search your topic.  We’re an organized group and like to keep topics grouped together so everyone can have the best experience possible.


  • Share.  The more you share with others, the more help and opportunities you will get in return.  Share mistakes, success stories, tips, and data.

If you have any questions, email us at