FAQ Page for Pre-Event

We’re so excited you’re coming to the Bluecloud Event in Hawaii! We wanted to put together a pre-arrival FAQ page for you in case you have questions.

1. How do I book tickets?

We have 3 days before and after the weekend locked in for a group rate in case anyone wants to extend their trip.
You have two options to book your room:

  1. Use this link: http://bookings.ihotelier.com/bookings.jsp?groupID=837920&hotelID=15014
    • Select Add Code
    • Choose Group Attendee from the pulldown menu
    • Enter ID: 837920
    • Select dates
  2. Call 866.475.2567 and tell them the dates you want to check in/check out and that you are with the Bluecloud Solutions event

If you have any questions, please let us know. We are in the process of making this as smooth as possible.
NOTE: You should get the group rate of $255 for all your nights even if you’re coming a day early or late. If you don’t, make sure you let us know before you book.

2. Can I bring a spouse?

If you would like to bring a spouse, awesome! If they are going to be hanging out at the resort during the day, then you can bring them with no issues.
If they are going to join us for meals and attend the event, contact us at support@bluecloudsolutions.com so we can help make arrangements.

3. How far is Turtle Bay Resort from Honolulu Airport?

It’s about a 60 minute drive if you go the faster way through the middle/west coast of the island. This will get you great views of some famous beaches including Pipeline.
You can also take the eastern route which is about 70 minutes. This will be more coastline driving and views of the mountains (recommended).
I would highly recommend renting a car. There are shuttles but they’re going to cost just as much and can be a pain. Car rentals are inexpensive ($20-$30/day) and are available at the airport.
You can book one via CarRental.com or through your credit card portal if you want to get good deals.
If you want to carpool, we will be sending out more info closer to the event date and we’ll do our best to connect you with someone.

4. Are there shuttles to the resort?

As of now, Turtle Bay does not provide transportation services.  You can call the resort for some options (866.475.2567), I’ve also provided several services below:

5. What should I bring that I am not thinking about?

Here are a few things that you’ll probably want to bring:

– Sunscreen (they sell it at the resort but its like $10 a bottle)
– Sunglasses
– Water bottle (we’ll have water in the room for you to fill up)
– Flip flops or alternative
– Melatonin if you get jet lagged
– Computer AND charger
– Phone charger cable
– Passport if you’re flying international

More to come!

Please let us know if you have any other questions or if there is anything else we should add to this by emailing support@bluecloudsolutions.com