8. Boom Beach (iOS)

I’ll get to Boom Beach’s better-known cousin in a bit, but Boom Beach is a huge hit in its own right. With estimated downloads and revenue steadily rising, Supercell is one mobile app development company that won’t have to worry about keeping the lights on…at least for awhile.
So now that you know that Boom Beach makes an estimated $2.28 million a month, how much do you think Clash of Clans makes?
You will find out in a bit…
But before I move on, Boom Beach actually makes more revenue on Android than on iOS. Surprising…maybe.

boom beach

7. Candy Crush Soda Saga (iOS)

Talk about top tier reskinning! Candy Crush Saga was the first huge hit for King, so what is the smart thing to do?
Reskin it, of course! This app is a beast at $3.17 million, in monthly revenue, making it one of the most lucrative mobile app development companies on the planet.
Not a whole lot more to say here. Find a successful model and keep doing it.

Candy Crush Soda Revenue

6. Madden NFL Mobile (iOS)

A lot of people don’t know this, but Madden NFL started on the Commodore 64, in 1988. It was originally called John Madden Football and has since grown to be the premier American Football game on consoles.
Judging by these numbers, they have been able to recreate the same success as a mobile app develom. An estimated $1.3M per month isn’t bad and it looks like the numbers are rising fast.
Electronic Arts makes a little less with their Android app on Google Play.

Madden NFL for mobile