Create an Android App in Minutes With AppsGeyser

AppsGeyser Is Free and Ridiculously Easy to Use

AppsGeyser is a free service that allows you to turn web content into an Android app.  Anyone can do it, even if you have absolutely no coding knowledge or experience.  With AppsGeyser, Android apps can be created in minutes using a simple two-step process. Launched in January of 2011, it became an instant hit with over 100 million installations.

Why AppsGeyser Is Popular

Android users generally prefer to use an app when searching for information online because of the mobile friendly interface. Previously, it was quite difficult to create an Android app from scratch, since it required coding and app development knowledge.  AppsGeyser has removed the barrier to entry for small business owners who want to create their own apps and reach customers who are on the go.

The other part of the allure is the built in monetization that comes with AppsGeyser, which makes it easy for small business owners to make money.  You can choose to make your app free to download and monetized with ads, or upload it as a paid app. AppsGeyser offers support to small business owners and a free App Gallery.  You can also get download links and QR codes to promote and distribute your app.

How Does AppsGeyser Work?

AppsGeyser is touted as being super simple to use – and it is.

You start by going to the AppsGeyser website.  Once you’re there, you can click one of the three “Create App” buttons.  This takes you to step one in the process.

AppsGeyser Create Now

There are actually several options to choose from.  You can enter a URL, create a shortcuts list, create a specialty app, and there are several other options.  For example, you can insert HTML code or create an app from a Youtube channel.  For the sake of this demo, we’ll choose to enter a URL.

AppsGeyser Create From Website

Say we want to create an app for the Bluecloud Solutions blog.  All you have to do is paste the URL into the field and give your app a name and description.  You can also create a custom icon if you’d like.

Once you input the information, you can see a nice little preview on the right hand side of the screen.  When you have everything filled in and looking the way you want, you hit the “Create App” button.

AppsGeyser Input Info

Next, you’ll land on a page where you’ll need to fill out your name, email address, and password to create an account.  Once you fill in all your information, you can hit the “Sign-Up” button.

AppsGeyser Create Account

The last thing you’ll need to do is download the .apk file from the AppsGeyser website.  Test out your app and make changes, if required.  You can edit your app by logging in to your AppsGeyser Dashboard.  Once you’re happy with the app, you can publish it, or just keep it for personal use.

Can You Make Money?

You can definitely make money with your app using AppsGeyser.  You can choose to sell it as a paid app, or you can make it free and supported with advertisements. If you choose to monetize with ads, you can use AdMob, Inneractive, or another ad network of your choice.

The AppsGeyser Revenue Program

AppsGeyser has a revenue program that anyone can participate in.  The only requirement is that you have at least 100 installs.  If your app has less than 100 installs, you don’t get any banner space and there are no ads within your app.

AppsGeyser Revenue

Once you reach the required usage, the ad space is shared 50/50.  Your ad is displayed half of the time, while AppsGeyser shows its own ads 50% of the time.

All you need to do to apply for the revenue program is register with an Ad Network of your choice.  Then, you can go to your AppsGeyser Dashboard and enter the information under the monetize tab. If your app qualifies, your ads will start showing immediately.  If not, you will need to get a larger following in the Google Play Store.

How to Get Your App Noticed

There are several ways to get your app noticed after you create it using AppsGeyser.

First, you’ll most likely want to submit it to the Android Market.  Keep in mind that Google charges a $25 publisher’s fee.  However, your app will reach millions of users with Android phones.

AppsGeyser QR Code

AppsGeyser also provides a gallery where you can promote your app for free.  You can check it out here.  There are a lot of great free apps available to download.

Thirdly, you can promote your app via your website and social media.  AppsGeyser provides two URLs you can use to promote and distribute your app.

Finally, you can also use a QR code that AppsGeyser supplies.  The QR code takes people directly to the download page where they can install the app.

As you can see, AppsGeyser provides a lot of help when it comes to promoting and distributing apps.

The Bottom Line

AppsGeyser isn’t going to help you create the next Angry Birds, but it is a great way to create and distribute simple apps based on existing content. It will definitely help small business owners become more mobile and reach more customers, because finally it can be done in an affordable and simple way.  People don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use this service.

As a bonus, if your app becomes popular, AppsGeyser is also a great way to make some extra revenue using mobile ads.  The built in monetization is a great perk.  Since you share the ad space 50/50, you can also use your portion to promote your other apps or services.

If you’re interested in trying AppsGeyser, you can get started here.


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