Mobile Target Marketing Tips- Get More App Downloads and Users

Mobile App Marketers Must Know The Latest Industry Trends

The mobile industry is at its peak, and it seems like people cannot live a day in their lives without their mobile phones. In America alone, research shows that as of May this year, 91% of people own a cellphone with at least 56% of this group owning a smart phone.
Among smartphone users, 28% are own an Android phone, 4% are Blackberry users , and 25% are iPhone users.

Studies Show That People Love Their Mobile Phones

Here is a breakdown of mobile users’ activities and how these users feel about their mobile phones:

users love mobile phones

  • Almost 70% of people monitor their phone from time to time. They look at their phones even if there is no new message or call, they just get the urge to check on it.
  • Almost 45% of mobile phone users in America sleep with their phones by their beds. They let it stay beside them as they sleep to ensure that they can still hear when it if it rings or beeps.
  • Almost 30% of people say they can’t live without their mobile phones.

This shows how Americans, or people from all over the world in general, are very into their mobile phones. They use their phones when they’re alone, when they’re in groups, and when they’re at home.
They use their mobile phones everywhere.
Studies even show that a mobile phone user gets to establish more personal relationships online through their mobile phone than they do in face-to-face communications. And this is good news for mobile app marketers and app developers who can take advantage of people’s interest in mobile phones.
To be successful, you need to know target marketing strategies. 

How Mobile App Marketers Can Use This Information for Mobile Target Marketing

As a mobile app marketer, you know that mobile is a good venue for mobile app marketing. Here’s why:

  • You get to establish a more personal relationship with your customers through mobile advertising.
  • Knowing the interests of your customers becomes easier, because you get to see their activities on different social networking and blog sites.
  • You have a wider market because everybody is online most of the time.

The Potential Downside for Mobile App Marketers

mobile app competition
While mobile app marketing can be a good idea, and advantageous to a certain extent for mobile app marketers, it also poses a challenge: mobile app marketers have a bigger market.
It can work for you, since you have many customers to sell your products to, but it can also pose a threat when the demand for good apps becomes too high and the competition among app developers becomes too tough.
There are thousands of apps available for download, with newly created apps and better versions coming out almost every day. The tendency is for people to try one app out and then abandon it when they see a newer or better version uploaded in the app store.
The challenge for both app developers and app marketing strategists is to be able to update their apps and let their clients know that they have made improvements so that people won’t uninstall the apps. Remember that the attention span and interest span of people tends to be short, especially when people have a lot of apps to choose from, so you really have to maintain the momentum and show that your app is worth retaining and using.
This is why app marketing involves establishing an open communication vehicle among the app developer, the app marketer, and the customers.

How Mobile App Marketers Can Use Customer Feedback in Their Target Market Strategy

Here are some ways you get to establish good relations with mobile users:
mobile app feedback

Hear what they have to say

The most popular way is the rating feedback and the comment boxes where mobile users get to share what they think of the app after they download it. As an app marketer, you take note of these comments and tell the app developers what the market is saying about the app. It is now the turn of the app developers to improve and update the app. When it’s done and the app has a better version, it is now again the time for you, being the marketer, to sell it again to your customers. The important thing here is that you listen to your customers very well.

Have a sample audience group as part of your research

One good marketing strategy is to select a random group of people who are different in age and have different interests and let them try every app or product that you have before launching it formally in the market. In this way, you get to know some sample reactions first,  and learn what they think about the look, content, and features.
This is part of marketing research where you put everything into an experiment that will test your initial offerings. Upon getting their feedback, you still have the chance and time to fix problems and improve features based on the sample feedback.
mobile ads for app marketers

Talk to your customers in a more personalized manner

Gone are the days when marketers e-mail their customers. Advertising is more personalized now and more direct to the customers, depending on their interests and online activities.
In-app advertisements work well, so it’s a good idea to choose the most downloaded apps and place your ads there. Social networking sites, like Facebook, allow pop-up ads which can be a good idea, especially when you want your app to be visible to everybody all the time.
An app marketer is creative, resourceful and inquisitive. You should always know the latest trends, because that is what you base your marketing strategies on.
You have to know what’s popular, what your customers are interested in, where they go, and what they do. At the end of the day, app marketing is about getting into the minds and hearts of your target market.
If you don’t learn about your target market, don’t expect your app to be successful or stay on the market for very long.

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