Mobile App Development – Common Myths

Many Developers Don’t Know the Truth About App Development

Research shows that downloading mobile apps is a common activity for smart phone users. In 2011, there were 22.1 billion recorded downloads of free mobile apps from all around the globe. It increased significantly in 2012, with downloads amounting to 40.6 billion. And this year, it jumped to 73.3 billion. Free downloads are projected to reach 287 billion by 2016. On the other hand, paid downloads reached only 2.9 billion. This figure jumped to 5 billion in 2012 and 8.1 billion in 2013. It is foreseen to reach 21 billion by 2016. Based on records, it is clearly seen that most mobile app users prefer free app downloads and are hesitant to shell out money just for a mobile app. That is why app developers are advised to make their apps free to download.

How to Sell Mobile Apps in a Crowded Market

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The challenge for app developers is to create more mobile apps that can outshine others in the market. But aside from this challenge, as an app developer, you should first be aware of the common misconceptions about the mobile app market when it comes to competition. These notions are believed to be true, but in essence, they are misleading. This is why app developers like you are strongly encouraged to study the market to come up with the perfect strategy in dealing with the competition. You can’t just go with the flow and do what your competition does. Remember, you and your app should stand out from the crowd. And for you to standout, you have to know what you should and should not believe about app marketing strategies.

Common Misconceptions About Mobile App Marketing

Here are some of common misconceptions about app marketing strategies:

  • You can rely on your gut instincts.  

    You, as an app developer, want to think and create apps from your perspective. You think, feel, and believe that this is what your customers needs at this time and you are sure they will patronize your product. No. Do not rely simply on your gut instinct. You have to get out and talk to your customers. Devise some ways to reach out to your target market and know what they want and need. It is only through their comments and feedback that you will know what app to come up with. Remember that it depends on the customer’s interest on whether your app will be a hit or not in the market. It’s not all about you, it’s always about your target customers.

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  • You have to make it grand.  

    Many app developers think that they have to make their apps appear grandiose to attract the interest of their customers. Although, of course, part of a good marketing strategy is to make your product wonderful and attractive, you also have to keep in mind that customers prefer content and efficiency over aesthetics. People would want to download an app because they need it and because it is useful, not because it is beautiful.  Too much art on your app, with crazy designs and grandiose presentation, will not help you.  Make your app simple but effective.  Present the app in such a way that it creates noise and buzz without making it appear attention seeking.

  • Presentation doesn’t matter.  

    It was mentioned above that your app presentation in the market doesn’t have to be grandiose, but it doesn’t have to be plain either. What you need is just the right packaging for your app, and this packaging will depend on your target market and its interests. If it’s a game for kids, you can use the best colors that can attract your audience. From the color, down to the text font, to the graphics that you are going to use, everything should have a purpose. And that purpose is to attract your target market.

  • marking your appOnce the app is developed, your job is done.

    Not because you already developed an app means your job is done. You have to know how your app is performing in the market and you don’t need an analyst to do that for you. You and your team can do it by yourselves. You can try developing feedback mechanisms that can send you comments from those who have already downloaded your app. In this way, you will be guided as to what step you’re going to make in sustaining the performance of your app in the market. You will also have an idea whether that kind of app is interesting to the customers or you have to change your genre the next time.

  • You have to get to number one right away. 

    Many app developers who have just started in the industry are so anxious to get their apps to be number one right away.  As beginners, you have to keep in mind that you get along with the tight competition in app markets one step at a time. You have to learn the basics first and study the competition so you’ll be able to keep up with it next time. You can’t just succeed on the first day. Accept the fact that you’re just starting and you’ve got more to learn day by day. It is just a matter of determination and persistence.

How App Developers Can Find Success

App marketing is never easy, especially these days when the mobile app industry is experiencing a boom. App developers should be more creative, not only in innovating mobile apps, but making their presence felt in the market. Not all apps stay in the market for long. Some just stay stable for a week and then end up not even talked about the next week. The challenge is to study every part of the process until you have mastered creating strategies to market your apps well. Not everything has been taught in school. Some things are learned through constant reading, research and day-to-day analysis of how customers choose the apps they download and why they download them in the first place.  Understanding these things will help you succeed with your app in the market.


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