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With more and more consumers relying on their mobile devices for everyday communication, delving into mobile marketing has been a concern for a lot of businesses, both big and small. While bigger businesses are financially capable of investing in the development of mobile apps, costs remain a concern for small to medium-sized businesses that are still in their growth phase.

If you are an owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise and are looking into creating a mobile app for your business, here’s a good news for you – there are now more cost-efficient alternatives to developing your own app. Tech companies around the world have created easy-to-use app builders that let you make your own mobile app as if you are creating your own website via WordPress or Blogger. With these app builders, thousands of dollars or a degree in computer science no longer keeps you from creating your own mobile app.

The AppBuilder

theappbuilderThe AppBuilder provides templates for creating native applications compatible with leading platforms iOS and Android. This platform allows your to create simple or customized mobile apps for your small business. Some of the features you can integrate into your mobile app include standard tabs such as integration with Youtube and RSS feeds. In the future, AppBuilder plans on adding in options for features such as in-app mobile advertising, integration with WordPress, and support for HTML5. Building and previewing your app is free. Meanwhile, plans start at $29 per app per month for distribution to the iTunes app store and the Google Play market. The AppBuilder was created by JamPot Technologies.


0_AppMakrLogoAppmakr provides easy-to-use templates for simple mobile apps compatible with the iOS platform. With Appmakr, you can create apps for free provided that your app will incorporate in-app advertisements. To remove in-app advertisements, a fee of $79 per app per month must be paid


AppExpress_SmartphoneAppExpress is a do-it-yourself app builder for mobile apps compatible with the iOS and android platforms. Through AppExpress, you can create apps that allow you to accept payments, create marketing coupons, schedule appointments, send invoices, and send messages, among others. As such, this service is tailored to small to medium-sized businesses. AppExpress charges a one-time fee of $199 per app, and a monthly fee of $75 per app.

Bizness Appsbizapps-logo

Bizness Apps makes mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. They’re do-it-yourself iPhone, iPad, Android & HTML5 app platform that allows any small business to simultaneously create, edit, and manage mobile apps without any programming knowledge needed. Think of them as “WordPress for mobile app creation.”


iBuildAppiBuildApp is a do-it-yourself app builder for mobile apps compatible with multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Blackberry. Similar to App Builder, iBuildApp allows app updates through a remote server. It costs $299 to create an iBuildApp service account that allows distribution in the iTunes app store. Meanwhile, pricing for individual apps vary depending on the platforms and app features.

LiveCode Mobile

LivecodeLiveCode Mobile offers mobile app development of apps compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. Currently, LiveCode offers free tutorials on how to build mobile apps for small enterprises. The commercial version of their software allows mobile app development for either the iOS or Android. This costs $499. Meanwhile, the cross-platform version of their software costs $299. LiveCode Mobile was created by RunRev.

Magmito for Business

magnitoMagmito for Business is a mobile app builder catering to small and medium-sized businesses. With Magmito for Business, you can create cross-platform mobile apps that include features such as click-to-call, text, images, feedback forms, and RSS feeds. These mobile apps can be distributed through a QR code, through leading app stores, or through email distribution. A one-year subscription of their services costs $99.99 per year. Magmito for Business was created by Sprint together with DIDMO, a technology company specializing in mobile apps

Mippin App Factory

mippinMippin App Factory is a mobile app builder for apps compatible with the iOS, Android, and HTML5 platforms. It promises to help you build your own mobile app in less than 5 minutes. Mippin App Factory plans start at $99 per app per year.


mobbaseMobbase is a mobile app builder for apps compatible with iOS and Android. Mobbase focuses on catering to companies and groups that need mobile fan base management services. They charge a one-time fee of $250 for iPhone-compatible apps and $20 for Android-compatible apps. Their monthly plans start at $15 per app per month for management of up to 1,000 fans.


mobtifyMobtify is a mobile app builder for apps compatible with the iOS. Apps built through Mobtify can include geo-location features. Mobtify charges a one-time fee of $300. Meanwhile, their plans start at $46.95 per app per month.


242 shout-em-logo-medium-thumb-450x122-95438Shoutem is a mobile App builder for apps compatible with the iOS and Android. Shoutem focus on catering to companies that publish content online through creation of content-based apps. It allows a constant stream of information and content into their mobile apps. Shoutem plans start at $29 per app per month, supporting the Android and the iOS systems. Meanwhile, Shoutem charges $99 for enrollment into the Apple developer program.


swebappsSwebapps is a do-it-yourself app builder for mobile apps compatible with the iOS and Android platforms. Some of the functions that you can integrate into your mobile app include audio file distribution, lists, photo galleries, and RSS feeds, among others. Swebapps plans start at $399 per app per platform. Meanwhile, they charge $29 for hosting services.

Widgetbox Mobile

widgetboxWidgetbox Mobile is a mobile app builder for HTML5-compatible mobile apps. Widgetbox Mobile offers app analytics that let developers track the activities within the app in real time. Widgetbox plans start at $55 per app per month, for up to a monthly impression of 50,000.

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