6 Reasons You Should Start Reskinning Apps

Reskinning apps is changing the game.

Creating an app requires many tasks and there are a lot of factors to consider. It takes a serious amount of work and it usually involves a significant amount of money. The app market has continuously evolved into a very aggressive one—competitors come up with new apps here and there, consumers change their needs and demands from time to time. This adds extra pressure on app developers since there is a continuous need to ensure that the apps are relevant to the needs of the market and the apps remain competitive among the plethora of  new apps that are being created.

Imagine building a new app just to compete with an app that has just been created. In reality, you see apps that appear to be similar or some can be a rip-off of other apps. This is a pretty amazing job that app developers have already mastered. They cannot create apps overnight but they can reskin apps to create more apps in just a short period of time.

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What is app reskinning?

app reskinningGenerally, when you say reskinning, it means you are repairing or replacing an exterior surface or a coating of something. When we take it to digital age, the term “skin” refers to the custom graphical appearance that can be achieved by a Graphical User Interface (GUI). When an app developer reskins an app, he just modifies and updates the “feel” and overall look of the app. You do not have to change the source code or the app’s template. reskinning is different from app flipping wherein you still need to change some things in the framework so you can update the app in such way that more customers will be attracted to purchase the product.

What are the benefits of app reskinning?

In a fast-paced app industry and with the highly competitive and aggressive market, consumers tend to look for apps that can meet their evolving needs. An app that is relevant for your market today might not be relevant in the next month. You know how fast everything changes and you know how difficult it is to cope with your market’s behavior. With this, developers and companies have incessantly produced apps that evolve as well. This does not mean creating a new app out of scrap, this might mean modifying, changing, updating, or improving an existing app.

  • Reskinning helps you save a significant amount of time. Developers usually spend a painfully long amount of time writing the source code for apps. It can take weeks of creating a source code for just one app and everything does not end successfully. There might be a need to repeat some processes or to review some steps so you will determine what went wrong in the testing process.  Since there is no guaranteed success for an app development, it will take time and effort to create one.
  • Reskinning gives you more room for creativity. Apart from reskinning being an inexpensive initiative, you can also produce better results and improve an app and make it a far better version of the original. There are less risks, less time involved, and guaranteed enhanced features.
  • reskinningYou can buy the app framework that you want. There are readily available markets online where you can choose, buy, and sell app frameworks. You just have to check licenses for the app framework. You need to consider the pricing of these app frameworks to ensure that you are not spending your budget. You should be aware of the terms and conditions of using an app framework.There are rules involved such as you cannot distribute the copy of the framework to other people. Once you have reskinned your app, you still need to retain the license of the app framework that you have purchased. reskinning can be really beneficial but you still need to be conscious of the terms that apply to guarantee your app’s validity. Learn more about buying a winning source code here. 
  • Reskinning can give a better return on investment. Companies and app developers have proven that reskinning is one of the better strategies in terms of getting a strong and positive return on investment. A lot of developers purchase the code of the product of an app from their competition and they just work on reskinning them. This way, you can make a better and improved version of the app of your competitor. On the discussion whether originality still matters in the aggressive app market, it seems that users do not really mind purchasing a reskinned app, thus, companies and app developers have seen the potential of app reskinning and has used this as one of their strongest strategies.
  • reskinning 3You can use the code again to create other apps. Buying a source code will allow you to make several apps using the same code. Since the idea of reskinning is to make the app look different without really totally changing the experience, you can make a number of apps from the same code. This is really advantageous for your part because instead of having one app with advertisements, you can now have 10 or 20 apps running the same advertising codes, all at the same time. You can work on your advertising and marketing plans for these apps. This will surely give you more revenue.
  • You can easily push your app in the fastest time possible. Because app reskinning is fast, and is surely faster than the whole app development process, it would be easier to release it to the public. In a short span of time, you can easily distribute the reskinned app to various app platforms and stores. You do not have to wait for months. It can easily be released, and it can easily be done.


Get Started With App Reskinning

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