How to Make an Exceptional Mobile App

mobile app bandwagonIn a world where almost everyone relies on online transactions, where purchases can already be made through online accounts, and where businesses have become more aggressive with their accessibility, there is no excuse for you to not join this marketing bandwagon. More than being a bandwagon, developing mobile apps has become a very effective marketing strategy for a business. Whether the business is already big or whether you are still starting, you can use mobile apps to ensure that you reach your target audience and gain traction for your business.  Checkout our Mobile App Development Guide for tips and sources you don’t want to miss out on.

Your app must serve your target market.

There are literally thousands of apps that are downloadable in all kinds of smartphones. There are also a hundred million ideas floating in the market on how an app can be engaging, interesting, and successful. These ideas can be promising, but only one will work. Only one will work best for your business. In a sea of mobile apps, it is crucial that you come up with the app that will best represent your business in the app market.

niche marketOnce you have created your app and you’ve made all the right features, the next important thing is to ensure that your app is marketable. You need to identify your niche, get the best designers and developers and create a mobile app that will be highly exceptional. You should note though that the development and implementation are only half the battle. The next step is to market your mobile app correctly. Otherwise, it will get lost among all of the other apps available for users to download on their smartphones.

You know how successful and popular some apps have turned out—Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Angry Birds, and others. These apps have great and strong marketing strategies that enabled them to be on top of their game.

Here are some ways on how can your make your app marketable:

Make a good description of your app.

The very basic necessity of all apps is that you should provide a good description. Upon reading the first sentence, the user should already know what your app does, and feel compelled to click the “more” button in order to keep reading.

app store optimizationThe first line of your description should be direct and showcase the power of your app. You don’t need to try to squeeze in everything and say all the details, but you should make the reader want to click. The description line is crucial, as this will make your users click. After users hit the “more” button, do not let them get out of focus by ensuring that you show them the potential of your app—what else can it offer to them and what will they get from it?

Instead of creating heavy and bulky paragraphs, you should use bullet points so that the information is organized and easy to read. Mobile app users love using free and useful features that they can take advantage of, so you can include these features as well as other devices that the app is available on. You can also give your audience a good background of your app. You can also reiterate and emphasize if your app has received positive feedback. You can mention this and quote them, especially when they are key people in the industry.

Choose the most apt keywords to use.

keyword researchKeywords are very important tools in mobile app development. They give your audience a solid background and idea on what your app is about. This will also determine the attractiveness and marketability of your app. People can already decide if they wish to download the app or they will just not explore it anymore. It is important that you come up with the best keywords for your app. Do not include your company name, your business name, or even your app’s name in your list of keywords because these are already searchable within a marketplace.

You should use keywords that are not so popular or are less common to decrease competition in the search results. You can go to the app stores and determine which keywords are not popularly used. If your app can cater to a different language, you can strengthen your keywords by adding words in the languages that you use. There are readily available tools such as  SensorTower,, and Googles AdWords that will help you create a list of important keywords.

Create attractive graphics.

graphic designSince people now have become more visual, they appreciate apps that are more user friendly and that are appealing to the eyes. It is a requisite for every app to have a compelling, outstanding, and excellent graphics. Capture your app’s objective—if you want to exude energy and vibrancy, you should go for loud colors, but if you want to cater to a more relaxing and comforting vibe, you need to tone down the colors and appearance of your graphics.

You do not need to be a computer savvy or a smartphone geek for you to determine which apps are appealing, which apps are working, and which apps are loved by the market. Getting the best practice from these apps will help you create an app that will be guaranteed successful.

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