Real Talk About Hitting The Wall

I get a ton of email and Facebook messages. Totally cool though, because I ask people to directly respond to me in the follow up series of my newsletter. I do my best to respond.
Every once in a while I get one like this. I think it’s important to put this kind of thing up for the world to see. We’re all in this together and sometimes we just need to know there’s someone else out there when it feels like we’re staring face to face with a tidal wave.
Hey Carter,
Hope you are well.
I am writing to you regarding your App flipping system which I recently adopted. I launched my first App a few days a go, one from your selection on the Bluecloud website. Unfortunately it has not been doing as well as I expected, and I see limited ways in which I can improve it. I have decided to put it behind me and move on. Sucks really, but i’ve got to take it on the chin.
I’ve began work on my next project which I am more hopeful about, however this will use a significant chunk of my remaining budget, which also sucks. (Not much going my way at the minute!).
I’m 21, I work in a flexible bar job, and I live amongst students. Recently I cut down my hours at my job to bare minimum so I could focus on this whole project, however from recent realisations I have found myself in a position where working bare minimum cannot be an option if I want to keep producing Apps, meaning I will be working 30-40 hours a week in order to live and progress with this project.
This is quite demoralising as I am a very optimistic person, and I love directing my enthusiasm and creativity into something that could benefit me in the future. By working my current job, this creativity and enthusiasm is likely to decrease but for the time being it has got to be done.
I removed myself from my degree because it was not fulfilling my aspirations or meeting the criteria that I expected, so i decided to go at life alone. No experience, no higher education qualifications, but whole load of determination and desire.
I was wondering if you would able to offer me advice on how to keep myself motivated and remain optimistic about the whole thing at a difficult time? I know far to well how easy it is just to give up on something, and I know this option does not reflect my true character – so I was hoping you could offer me some advice so I can keep looking forward!
I understand you are hugely busy, and appreciate you taking time to read through this.
Best Regards,
Lost in Apps

My response:

Hey Lost in Apps,
Thanks for your note. First of all, big props for you to be making this kind of move at all. Most people never take this sort of leap and spend the rest of their life in some mediocre form of settling. Remember that – you don’t leave university or try getting into apps because it’s easy or guaranteed, you leave because you want freedom. That’s #1.
To be honest, I could sit here and blow smoke up your ass and tell you that there are some tricks that you’re not doing. That’s what most people try to sell you on. But here are the facts:
• This if your first app. The chances of it taking off are NOT in your favor. If you walked into a casino and had never played blackjack, but had read a great book about blackjack, do you think you’d be able to make millions of dollars? Something to think about.
• Think about how much you have learned already. Now imagine if you learn that much every time you make another app. It’s a compounding effect – every swing of the bat gets you closer to being a master. Barry Bonds, who has the record for most home runs in Major League Baseball, did not do so because he could swing the bat faster than other people – it’s because he was able to practice more with premier fitness, education, and diet (and maybe something else). Greatness comes to those who persevere.
• Write down everything you could improve upon. Now contact other people in the app world (comments, social media, whatever) and have them audit your work. I bet there are a LOT of places you could improve. Costs. Leverage. ASO. Even if you think you did a great job, I can promise you that if this is your first app, there are a lot of things you could have done differently. That doesn’t mean that you should go back and try to fix the first app, it means that success is a process and not an event. 
• What is your timeline for success? Nothing in life is black and white, especially when you’re switching your life around. It took me a year to move away from internet marketing to apps even while it was doing well. In your case, you’ve taken the first step, which is the hardest one. The more you take, the better your chances get. It may become wildly successful at step 2, maybe at step 200. That’s the risk that comes with being an entrepreneur. If you don’t like that, then this isn’t for you.
• In terms of fundamentals, realize this unarguable fact about business: big risks get big rewards while low risks get low rewards. I teach low risk, low reward systems that work over the long term because it’s the best way to achieve a lifestyle in the long term. Very few people who use my system will have an immediate retirement, but a lot of people who have adopted these techniques have been able to make money over the long term. Think about what you’ve done so far: followed an education course, purchased a template, and completed the process. That’s the first brick of a house, not a rocket ship. Repeat and refine and you WILL move towards your goals.
• In terms of realistic obstacles you may have, be smart about your money. Nothing will stress you out more than an empty bank account. You can’t be creative if you feel exposed and you certainly won’t be fired up about a new project. If you have something that pays your bills now, make sure you keep that money coming in while you learn this business. Patience is very important here – you will burn out if you try to go 100mph out of the gate. No matter how excited about apps you may be, you will still need to have some security to stay positive. That’s just how it is.
And finally, remember that this is your life man. This is IT. Apps are the greatest business I’ve ever found, but looking back, I spent a lot of time wishing and hoping and praying that I could one day have a lot of money. Now that I have it, I realize that the biggest reason I wanted it was so that I could finally relax.
Most people never become entrepreneurs because it’s scary. Most people don’t stick around because it’s hard. No one said it would be easy, no one will tell you how un-glamorous it is. That’s why it always comes back to you – this is your choice. You chose this life and you will continue to choose your life. Therein lies the ultimate secret to success – you can find it in the smallest of victories if you have the right perspective.
Good luck to you my good man. Great things happen to people every day. Let life work it’s magic, be grateful for what you have, and you will find what you’re looking for.
Here’s cheers-ing you a warm beer.


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